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Thread: SCI nurse, spasms caused by kidney stone/baclofen pump?

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    Exclamation SCI nurse, spasms caused by kidney stone/baclofen pump?

    On my yearly urology checkup, my urologist noticed that I have a kidney stone that is in my right kidney. He said he would normally wait a few weeks and then check with me, but since I might not be able to feel when a kidney stone blocks off the kidneys, he wants me to get another x-ray in two weeks and then possibly go in and remove it. Something I noticed since I found out I had a kidney stone is that when I’m in my wheelchair if I lower my upper body onto my legs to do a weight shift, my abdomen and right leg violently start to spasm. What I’m wondering is, is this being caused when I’m going down on my legs which causes my organs to compress and my baclofen pump to push and put pressure on my kidney (which is on the same side as my pump) with a kidney stone. SCI nurse, do you think this could be possible, is it dangerous, what should I do?

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    Kidney stones can cause increased spasticity regardless of position, and they can also cause AD (esp. if they get stuck in the ureter). Untreated, they will usually also cause repeated UTIs and can damage the kidney as they grow in size. If you cannot have ESWL for this stone, then you may need a nephrostomy tube and continuous irrigation to try to dissolve the stone, and if that does not work, an open surgery to remove it. Whatever method, it is important to get it out, and to continue to have regular screening for stones. If you have ever had one, you continue to be at high risk for stones.


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