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Thread: Bowel management device???

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    Bowel management device???

    This is a true story, although it sounds bizarre, and I'm trying to find out more about this device.

    About two years ago I met a guy who had this device implanted in his bowel for bowel management. To put it bluntly you place a "remote" up to your abdomen and it's like a garage door opener in your ass! He was really going on and on about the device because it cut bowel care time down to only a few minutes and without accidents. Never in one million years would I ever consider something like that for myself I thought at the time, but now I wouldn't mind knowing a little more a about it. I met this guy in passing and have no way of contacting him. Has anyone else heard of something like this? I been searching the Internet and have not been able to find any information myself.

    I don't know why anyone would just make up something like this.

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    I hear stories like this from time to time and I know a while back there was an implantable device to help control the bladder. However, I believe this was taken off the market. I have not heard of anything approved to control the bowels. I too will be curious if anyone else has heard of such a thing and if it approved for use. PLG

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    Brindley (VoCare) device

    The Brindley device is designed to provide FES controlled function for urination, defecation and erection. It can be implanted with one or all 3 of the functions.

    PLG is correct though, the VoCare (the brand name in the USA) has been taken off the market in the USA due to $$$ reasons (not because it did not work). We implanted 6 at the center where I work, and all the patients use all the functions.

    Keep in mind that in order to use this, you had to have a totally complete injury as all the sensory nerves from the bladder, bowel and genitals had to be cut in order to implant the device.


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