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Thread: best gel batteries?

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    best gel batteries?

    anyone have any ideas which gel batteries are the best? any major differences or things to look for? i have the bigger group size. anyone ever see testing on this?

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    I use Interstate gel cell batteries, 3 of them at a time. They usually last a couple years.
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    Everywhere I researched about a year ago, it seemed that the MK brand was the most favored by all. My chair came with this brand and its 3+ yrs old and still going strong. At that time I thought I had batt issues but found out I wasn't charging them long enough. lol, I called my dealer to price new batts, he quoted $225 ea. Anyway, the best price I found was here.

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    My chair came with Deka gel 22nf batteries. They lasted about 3 1/2 years. I replaced them with Interstate; they lasted about 4 & 1/4, but had less range and I had to charge them every day instead of every other. I went back to Deka and charge them daily now, not because I have to, but I wondered if I had shortened their life before.
    Got a pretty good deal online at Remy batteries for $90 apiece. The order didn't go through on their web site, so I ordered by phone at 800-455-7400 (8-5 CST).
    Good luck.

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