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Thread: A month?

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    A month?

    Oh my god I am so frustrated, my powerchair is about to break down,and I called the dealer and he said, due to holidays etc., they couldn't get to it for ABOUT A MONTH! OMG! Not only am I going back to university in a month but I'm getting married in a month! I cannot function in my manual chair and they have no loaner. I wanted to use a demo but they won't let me. Guess I will be trying to fix it myself via my not very mechanically handy fiance so............
    Where do I start? Heres the problem - the rear castor, specifically the right one, on my Jazzy 1120 keeps getting stuck and dragging while I turn (usually when reversing and turning) it also sounds like its about to fall off or something. Thats just the first problem. My left motor makes a bad whirring/grinding kinda sound but it still runs. And the fluttering castor problem for which the dealer ordered a part that Mark Smith reccomended. And the battery doesn't last. Butmostly I need to fix the castor.
    I know my insurance is going to blame me too.! Is there any diagrams or anthing we can look at to see if somethings broken?

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    If you're willing to pay out of pocket why not try another dealer? I'm sure there there is more then one choice in Edmonton.

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    Tried both the others before, this one is the lesser of 3 evils lol.

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    I'm very sorry to hear that. If your chair is still under warranty I wouldn't touch a thing. If you change anything then you'll get charged for all other repairs. Do you have a picture of problem castor I can look at?

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    Not under warranty. The guy who supplis my catheters and stuff called to see if I needed to reorder and I was asking if he knew someone who could fix it, turns out he sells and fixes chairs too, he'll look at it on Monday! Hes a para, so he understands a month is not acceptable.

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    Thats great to hear! I'd keep working with him for everything and not those other problem DME'S. Best of luck with school and your wedding!

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    Now my fiance was looking an tells me its a bent wheel (fork?) thingy that the caster attaches to. Guess it will be weeks for parts. Thank God my maid of honour has a car, I better perfect my car transfers.

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    Castor forks shouldn't take but 5 business days to arrive as long as they are in stock.

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