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Thread: SCI Nurses, NEW TRILINE TXCAIR mattress question

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    Exclamation SCI Nurses, NEW TRILINE TXCAIR mattress question

    I am 32 years post SCI, (T4), 120 lbs, 5'8", bony, fragile skinned, scars, skin surgery, and have a pronounced curvature when supine. If I am supine on a firm surface a cat can run under the small of my back and I pressure map in supine position with both IT's pointing down, bearing too much weight to use an overlay.

    My insurance has jumped through several hoops to obtain this TXCair as a prevention mattress for me. It is the 5th mattress I have tried and the only one that my pointy butt has not been able to separate the cells on. Nurses, you were right about that issue!

    I do independent transfers and my own ADL's, (which include wranging into pantihose in bed). Anyway, I have a mattress here to try out and I can get the pressures set so I won't bottom out--3 down from the top, four up from the bottom, on pulsate mode. It was comfortable. After 30 minutes I checked my skin and I had red welts from the wrinkles from the cover. It took at least another 30 minutes for the welts to recover.

    I have not even attempted dressing in this bed, just moved back over to my hubby's twin with tempurpedic overlay that I have been using while trying out the beds--trying, trying, trying--that sums up my bed experience.

    More info is on this thread:
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    Question update

    Hi Nurses! I know some of you have experience with this mattress.

    I called a care center that uses the TxCair mattress and they don't use the navy blue quilted cover that comes with the bed. They have a stretchy fitted sheet cover and no wrinkle problem. The patient using this set up does not do independent transfers or ADL's though.

    How can I address the skin welts from wrinkles problem? Is this a bed I can do ADL's in? I only have a "trial" period here to decide on a purchase by my insurance.

    Thanks for your help!

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    The stretchy sheet idea might make it easier for you to do ADL's on the bed. The slippery cover might be too slippery and make it hard for you to stay in one place. A person needs to be careful not to lay on wrinkes no matter what bed she/he is in. They will cause red marks no mater what mattress you're using. You should really try doing transfers from this mattress. That can be the deal breaker with specialty mattresses. Hope this helps.


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    Thank you!

    How can I avoid the wrinkles? If a cover is too tight I get the hammock effect and if it is loose enough to allow immersion, my hips, (my most heavy part), sinks in creating some wrinkles in the cover.

    Triline does not provide a stretchy sheet. The nurse I spoke with had no idea of its origin.

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    transfers? next move?

    This TxCair mattress is quite high and I had a custom frame built for an alternating air mattress that did not work for me at all. I don't have time to have the frame remodeled for this trial period, so the bed is a bit high right now and I am getting help with transfers.

    What are the main problems a paraplegic might have with specialty bed transfers? I either bottomed out or went between the cells of the other beds so I didn't get much transfer experience.

    If I can't use this mattress, what is the next best thing?

    Thanks for addressing so many questions--it is a big move with high stakes!

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    Use thigh highs, forget the panty hose

    Sorry no help on the mattress

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    Thanks, Liz. The thigh highs were my preference, but they told me at rehab to use pantihose to keep my clothing from rubbing on my butt skin. I buy really stretchy ones, but still... At least, I get some ROM exercise putting them on.

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