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Thread: Hospital makes progress in neural stem cell transplantation /China

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    Hospital makes progress in neural stem cell transplantation /China

    Hospital makes progress in neural stem cell transplantation printResizeButton();
    The Beijing-based General Hospital of Armed Police Force, since the establishment of its department of neural stem cell transplantation in 2004, has received over 70 patients with brain stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, motor neuron disease and cerebral palsy.

    Through lumbar puncture and injecting stem cell below arachnoid, diseases in neural system can be recovered.

    Though the mechanism of neural stem cell repairing the injury of central nervous system is yet to be clarified, patients have shown remarkable improvement. Transplantation of neural stem cell can reduce muscle hypertonia and improve disturbances of motor, sensory, lingual and vegetative nerves. Transplantation of neural stem cell has been proved to be effective in curing motor neuron disease. It not only can improve remarkably patients' clinical symptoms but also can improve their quality of life. It can also halt the development of the disease of late patients thus greatly expand their lives.

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    Questions about the General Hospital of Armed Police Force, in Beijing

    Is this "General Hospital of Armed Police Force" the hospital were is now practicing Dr. Honyung Huang ?
    Is this hospital included in the SCI-Network, created by Dr. Wise Young and all the honoured and dedicated contributors involved ?

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    Hello Gelu, I can answer 1 of your questions. Dr. Huang is at Xi Shan Hospital not the one below.

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    This is the worst written article I have ever read.

    How anyone could publish this is beyond me.
    Saying such extravagant claims..and virtually no information on what really was used or even done.
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    The General Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Force is in Beijing (postal code 100039) and is separate from the PLA (People Liberation Army) hospitls, the Army General Hospital, the Navy Hospital, and other hospitals that are run by various armed forces in China. I believe that the hospital itself is called the "the 2nd Beijing Corps Hospital of CPAPF (Chinese People's Armed Police Force). Note that the CPAPF has other hospitals in Hubei, Chongqing, Hebei, Shanxi, and Jiangxi. It is not (at least yet) part of the ChinaSCINet because I am not sure that they are taking care of many people with spinal cord injury. Wise.

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