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Thread: DVT not detected in ultrasound?

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    DVT not detected in ultrasound?


    I fractured my foot almost 6 weeks ago and about 4 weeks ago was diagnosed with a DVT in the leg (calf) of my injured foot. I have been on warfarin for about 3 and a half weeks, and my levels are still not stable.

    About 3 days ago I started experiencing the same kind of feeling in my other (right) calf, and the last couple of days it seems to have gotten worse (still not as bad as the one in my left leg, but that went on for over a week before it was diagnosed). I'm not usually over paranoid about this kind of stuff, but the pain is exactly the same as when I first had the DVT before. And you don't ever forget that feeling! It's like the aftermath of a cramp (aka charley horse) and feels kind of hot. There's no evidence of swelling or redness, but then my first DVT was much the same. It only swelled a little after about a week.

    Anyway, I spoke to a few healthcare professionals and they said it is highly unlikely to get another clot whilst being on warfarin, but not impossible. Basically, you'd have to be very unlucky (which I thought would certainly be me! judging from the past couple of months I've had!) So I went to get an ultrasound of both legs today, and it appears that the clot is still in the left leg (the injured one), but not in the right- where all the new pain is coming from! I am so confused!!

    Of course, I am happy that I have been told that it is not a clot...but I'm not convinced. I have done nothing else that may have caused it (i.e. exercised too much etc.)...So I'm really not sure. Does anyone know if it is it possible for a DVT to go undetected on an ultrasound if it's in its early stages? A doctor did say that if it was a DVT, and I feel pain, then a clot would be I guess it must be nothing... But then again, it's not really too painful yet, just uncomfortable...(like my original DVT in its early stages). It tends to hurt more when I walk, than when I'm resting and the leg is elevated.

    Has anyone experienced an unreliable ultrasound before?

    I think I'll see how I go. If the pain worsens and continues on for over a week, I think I may go back to the hospital. They'll probably think I'm nuts! lol! But then again, when I questioned the pain in my left leg originally (and suggested that perhaps it may be a DVT--due to the possibility of higher susceptibility because of a strong family history of them) I think they thought I was nuts-- and low and behold, I had a DVT! Lucky for my intuition and gut feelings!

    Thanks for listening. Any comments would be appreciated. x

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    Get your Warfarin levels where they should be! Consult the health care providers and get that within range.
    Other causes might be low calcium, potassium,not enough fluid!Eat bananas and drink orange juice.

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    maybe warafin isn't the best drug for you?
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    Thanks for your advice guys. Hopefully everything will just sort itself out over the next week or so. In the meantime, I'll make sure I do what I can to get better.

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