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Thread: SP cath or to penis

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    SP cath or to penis

    I'm betwixt and between. More in a moment.

    C5-c7 incomplete, marginally ambulatory quad...walker is a must. 4.5 years out from injury, 4 years out on SP.

    About two years ago, I was able to regain some function urinating through penis. It seems though that I max out at about 250 ml through penis. If I wait too long, I leave too much behind, as measured through draining the remainder through the SP. Consequently, UTIs abound. Progressed from oral antibiotics to injectibles, next IVs.

    Urologist in Denver (T.U.C.C., they're the urology clinic for Craig) recommended against continuing daytime use of bladder storage in favor of nearly 24/7 use of drainage bags. As far as best practices for cath management from him...too bad. I felt a bit like I was an imposition on his time. That's another story, though.

    So, while I'm not going back to this doctor, I'm following his recommendations on bag storage in meantime.

    I thought ditching the SP cath in favor of natural voiding would go a long ways toward ending UTIs, but I would be nervous that I'd leave behind too much. Straight cathing not an finger dexterity.

    So, what do you all think: keep the SP or go totally natural through penis?

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    You would need to have urodynamics to see what pressure was and evaluate. There must be some reason you have an SPtube.
    Could always straight cath through your penis to empty??? If you don't hold much then you could try anticholinergics. You need to see if you would leak and how much your bladder would hold.

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    Thanks for your reply. I should add a couple more facts:

    *Failed urodynamics test two years ago.
    *Stricture near prostate gland makes it hard for anyone to straight cath me.

    SP cath went in because I had no function in the urethra sphincter at about 4 months out from initial injury, plus the stricture above. Then about 2 yrs out the limited function through penis returned.
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    I think you should get urodynamics repeated to be sure.That stricture my pose a problem with emptying also.

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