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Thread: Help with marriage proposal ideas!

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    I missed this thread from before! Beautiful ring .. and a beautiful couple .. congrats!

    (I always dreamed of the airplane towing the sign thing lol .. and like you non-traditional, sapphires for my wedding ring!) Not that anyone's asking .. or will ask ..

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    Congrats Justin and Mary!!

    Beautiful ring and sounds like the PERFECT place for a proposal!! Keep us posted on the wedding details!!
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Jay this is your moment to be "original"

    I bet your GF would appreciate it more. Anyway good luck to yah!
    Lynarrd Skynyrd Lives

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    I missed it too, but I'm glad I've seen it. I love how you designed the ring just for her. It's beautiful, yall are beautiful too. I hope you'll tell us many happy stories. Best of luck!

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    I have to post the FAQ's from this couple's wedding website. Never seen this done before, it's cool, funny and all-around excellent.

    Hope it's okay for me to share your stuff, guys.


    Here are the answers to some common questions in order to keep the well-informed prior to the wedding.

    Q: Is Mary going to take Justin's last name?
    A: Yes, but only to avoid the dreaded hyphenated name. She will not be adopting Sopchak as a new middle name either. She is considering getting car license plates that read "SOPCHAK".

    Q: What exactly is "black-tie optional"?
    A: A black suit is great for men; a tux is completely optional. A dark or neutral colored tie is fine. Women who opt to wear a dress should lean toward the fancy side, but a formal, floor skimming dress is not necessary; a little black cocktail dress or pantsuit is perfect.

    Q: Do I have to wear black or white?
    A: If you already have it in your wardrobe, then we would greatly appreciate it. If you don’t have black or white, please try for a color that is close; like dark blue, cream, dark brown, etc. Outfits that are mostly black or white are fine too, but please stay away from bright floral prints.

    Q: Why aren't all family members invited to the wedding?
    A: Our budget didn't allow for us to invite all of our families (+100!) so we have opted instead to invite them each to visit us for a weekend. That way, we will be able to spend quality time with them.

    Q: Will Rocky be at the wedding?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Will Rocky be the ring bearer?
    A: No.

    Q: Will Rocky be in a tux?
    A: Currently under debate. Please vote now!

    Q: Where are you going on your honeymoon?
    A: We're going on a road trip through Napa Valley with our Best Man, Scott Miller and Maid of Honor, Kindra Menegay (they're engaged - how convenient)!

    Q: Can we drink during your ceremony?
    A: Sure!

    Q: When are you going to have kids?
    A: Never. Rocky is enough for us. Well, we ARE considering a second dog...

    Q: Why isn't Mary wearing a white wedding dress?
    A: Mary likes red. Her wedding ring has a ruby in it, and the dress will match. Also, she would like to wear the dress again and a formal white dress is hard to pull off unless you're the bride.
    Little known fact:
    White became a tradition only with Queen Victoria, before then many brides wore a variety of colors. A red dress is considered good luck in Chinese culture, for example.

    Q: Why are you having a bagpiper when you're not even Irish/Scottish?
    A: Bagpipers are cool.

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    Best Wishes

    Best wishes. Sometimes it's a leap of faith.

    Better to have leaped and risk failure than to have never leaped at all.

    I wish you two all the best.

    A few words of advise......she is your WIFE first and foremost, NOT your caregiver. You must have other help to do routine care for you. I guarantee your marriage will fail if she is your primary caregiver.
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    Very cool how you incorporated your service dog in your proposal!
    Best Wishes to both of you!

    p.s. I'm having trouble viewing your website

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    Best Wishes!
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    You guys are such a kewl couple! Best wishes to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer
    I missed this thread from before! Beautiful ring .. and a beautiful couple .. congrats!

    (I always dreamed of the airplane towing the sign thing lol .. and like you non-traditional, sapphires for my wedding ring!) Not that anyone's asking .. or will ask ..
    I like aquamarines in white gold, but got a microscopic zirconium purchased by my future mother in law. I held back tears. My husband has since then been showering me with aquamarines.
    Have you seen how they shine under the sun?

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