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Thread: Help with marriage proposal ideas!

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    Jay - good luck with your decision / method. Maybe a sports venue / scoreboard / banner idea given that you live in CO?

    Whatever you decide, besides what CC and GB said which I agree with, imho I don't think any guy ab'd or dis should get married before 30. Your 20's are such a time of emotional change, growth and maturity that often what you thought was rock solid "for life" at 25 is not necessarily the same at 30+. This applies to many, many things in life but particularly relationships, both love, friendship and business.

    Hey, I'm an old fart so you may just want to ignore me altogether.

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    Jay~ best of luck to you guys if you've already proposed. But if you haven't yet, I've got one important question for ya...Is SHE really ready for this? I'd have to agree with CowboyCrip and Graybeard, but want to throw out another opinion from the able-bodied woman's perspective. I really care about my guy (c 5-6 sci) deeply, but there are a lot of confused thoughts running around in my head. We're young (both 24) and I frequently think about how different my life would be if we were married. After my guy realized I was having such doubts, he really started to lay the love on thick, constantly telling me how much he loved me, how I'm the best thing that has ever happened to him, etc. Obviously women don't mind hearing that sort of thing, but we want to hear it b/c you really feel that way and NOT because you're afraid of losing us. I don't doubt that you and your gf really care about each other, but make sure she has time to adjust to these changes too. Unless you are sure SHE is ready too, maybe you should give it some time? If you really feel your relationship will last, there is no hurry

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    Talking Engaged!!

    I'm the girlfriend (now fiancee!) in all of this, and while I can appreciate the words of wisdom from CC and GB (and a few others), I think this is the best thing for JayColorado and me. We were at that place before the accident. Things are tough now, we're not kidding ourselves, but even with all the change that's happening because of the injury, some things stay the same, like how we feel about each other and how we support each other. We have different challenges than most couples, but I don't see us as very different from AB couples. Except that maybe we communicate better than most.

    We're not suddenly getting married because he's afraid of losing me, or because I want to prove that I'm devoted to him, or for any other reason other than that we love each other.

    Sometimes you just know it's right...
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    Good luck Mary & Jay

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    Congrats Mary and JayColorado!! How exciting

    Mary, hope I didn't offend you. I wasn't trying to discourage Jay, just wanted to give him another perspective. Obviously he knew the right thing to do

    So back to the point of the thread~ the proposal. He hasn't posted how he did it?!
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    Cool She said yes...

    Okay, here's the whole story for anyone who cares. About two months ago I started looking for rings with my friend Kindra. I knew Mary wanted a Ruby, rather than a diamond, so we went out searching for a setting that I liked, and after we found one I proceeded to search for the Ruby. In the midst of calling back and forth with the jewelry store, Mary heard the beginning of a message from the jeweler. I needed a way to throw her off the trail, so I bought her necklace from the jeweler and gave it to her. My misdirection was successful!

    Yesterday the jeweler finally finished putting the setting together with the ring and resizing the band. My dad picked it up and brought it home on his lunch break for me. I knew it was going to be finished that day, so I mentioned to Mary in the morning that I want to take my service dog Rocky for a walk that afternoon. The ring box was placed in my dogs backpack, and we went on our walk. We strolled up the street about a half-mile from our house, where there's a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. I asked Mary and to look in Rocky's backpack, and she pulled out the ring box. I told her that I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Then I asked her if she would marry me and she said yes.

    It wasn't exactly the grandiose proposal that I was trying to plan, but it was just right for us. Besides that, I'm not very good at waiting so once I had the ring I had to give it to her right away!
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    Awwww!!! Congrats you two!
    If there is light
    it will find

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    Conratulations ! I am a hopeless romantic and have been anxiously waiting to see what happened. You are very lucky to have each other. Happiness to you both !
    " I enjoy almost everything, yet I have some restless searcher in me." Virginia Woolf

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    I posted this thread quite sometime ago, and I got a lot of negative reaction. I completely understand where this is coming from, but just because there's a good chance that it might not work out doesn't mean you should give it a shot. I think there happens to be a pretty darn good chance that it will work out. So far so good...

    If you want you can check out our wedding website.


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