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Thread: Sen. Hatch needs stories for ESC

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    Sen. Hatch needs stories for ESC

    I got this letter from the C. Reeve Paralysis Foundation. If you support the research involving human embryonic stem cells, maybe you'd like to contribute your story for Senator Hatch. I guess a brief bit about your injury, when it was, how old you were then/are now, how your life changed, what you hope to gain from esc research. You can post it here if you don't mind posting your contact info, or email or PM it to me.

    "I was hoping that you might be able to help me --
    > Senator Hatch has requested that we provide him with
    > real-life stories (LOTS of stories) about people who
    > have suffered illnesses or injuries that might be
    > cured or treated with (possible) embryonic stem cell
    > therapies. Would your group have such a compendium
    > or know people who would be willing to share their
    > experiences? Any suggestions or advice would be
    > MOST welcome! Thanks!"
    >To moderators-Yeah, I posted this here because more people will see it. If you have to move it I'll understand.
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    beth, can you give me an address to have people send their stories directly. i can post this on a few sma boards and i am sure those parents will gladly right how stem cell research can save their children.

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    I don't have one, Becky, just the one to CRPF. I'm kind of worried about clearance issues etc. too,(since it's about esc research) so I sent them that SABR Portraits of Hope website link. Those people all support the science, it's beautifully organized with pics, stories and contact info. That should give Sen. Hatch's office plenty to work with, there are a bazillion of them. If anyone sends more, I'll forward it, but the SABR site should pretty much take care of it imo.

    Thanks tho!

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