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Thread: Cause of decubitus ulcer

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    Cause of decubitus ulcer

    Have any of you heard of this happening? About two months ago I found a new area breaking down on my left ischium. It was about an inch away from the normal area I have been having trouble with because of pressure. It quickly developed into a stage 4 decubitus ulcer and had to be debrided and while the wound specialist was doing this, he found a quarter-inch piece of blue suture thread was sitting in the crater of the sore. The suture was no doubt left from the previous skin flap surgery I had on the same area five years ago. While investigating the use of an alternating air wheelchair cushion, I spoke with another quadriplegic. He said the same thing happened to him and that the suture was the cause of his sore.

    Have any of you had this experience or heard of anyone who has?

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    Yes, a retained suture can sometimes cause a suture abscess, which can lead to skin breakdown. Now days most physicians use dissolvable sutures inside, and staples outside since the latter are safer and harder to miss removing.


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    Does this mean that the sore is not directly related to excessive pressure on the area?
    If that is true, can I start sitting in my wheelchair a few hours without causing damage?

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