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Thread: Catheter Problem

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    Catheter Problem

    Hello all,

    I seek worthwhile guidance from this forum members in connection with my catheter prob.
    I,m using inner foley catheter for the last ten yrs.(Since the onset of my injury).
    My caregiver replaces my catheter after every three weeks.Yesterday she replaced my catheter inorder to insert a fresh one.Our earlier catheter was functioning well ,namely, it was 100% alright.
    After inserting our new catheter I began to face partial urine blockage+perspiration+spasm problem after irregular short intervals of 15 to 30 minutes.We changed this trouble-making catheter with an other one but problem persists.Urine is flowing out from the normal outlet of catheter but above mentioned problem is also there simaltaneously.
    There,s no qualified urologist in my area.Ultrasound facility is faroff too.Plz. suggest me some solution.
    Positive aspects of my problem,re,
    1:We changed a fully functioning catheter & there were no signs of any trouble.Trouble started by inserting new catheter.
    2:Urine color & odour,re normal & there,re no signs of any abnormmal stuff.There,s no fever.

    But the inconvenience which I,m facing,re:
    1:Irregular partial overflow of urine due to which my bedding gets soaked & bed-sore dressing is being affected.
    2:Perspiration due to semi autonomous Disreflexia type condion due to partial overflow of urine.
    3:Spasms/jerks in my lower body especially right leg.
    I request for urgent feedback as I,ve no alternative resource for such solution.Thanks.


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    I've used indwelling foleys for many, many years and have experienced what
    you speak of. However, I've never really found the reason for it. Some things
    you might consider are: Be certain the new catheter is correctly inserted and is actually
    in the bladder. If it gets inflated while in the urethra, that can cause bookoo spasms.

    Also, some catheters just need to be changed, even brand new ones. I don't know if
    it's a manufacturing glitch or what, but often I've relieved the problems just by putting
    in a new catheter. Use plenty of lubrication, also.

    On occasion, after inserting a new catheter, I've taken pills like Detrol for a day or two,
    which eased the spasms. Eventually, for no apparent reason, the new catheter begins
    working just fine. I have no explanation.

    Good luck!


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    This is a duplicate post. I will lock this one. Please put all further responses here.


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