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Thread: A Drug that helps prevent uti' very very very good.

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    A Drug that helps prevent uti' very very very good.

    the drug is called utira. It is an anti-bladder-spasm, makes urine acid, and coats bladder with lining. the only side effect is blue urine. kinda cool though.

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    Isn't this the same as 'Uroquid', the med that Jeff talks about all the time?

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    Here's a link to the medication. I hadn't heard about it.


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    I took this for bladder spasm but my urine was green

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    Both are the same and they effectively contain among others the active ingredient of Uroquid.
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    has anyone else used this? the utira?

    do you use it as a anti-spasm med for your bladder, like ditropan? or as an add on to prevent uti's?

    is this the generic of uroquid? or just a similar drug?

    sorry about all the questions....I just found out about this drug as well.
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    I tried this, under a different name and it didn't work for me. I think I have a very stubborn bladder. -A.

    ETA: The name of what I used was Usept. It's an anti-infective, anti-spasmodic drug that the only thing it did was turn a favorite dress a spotted blue color when I dropped a tablet and picked it up after washing my hands.
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