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Thread: Question re: UTI prevention

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    Question Question re: UTI prevention

    Hi Everybody -
    I have been having a chronic UTI problem. I just finished up a 10-day course of Augmentin and immediately went onto a daily prophylactic dose of Macrodantin. I have a bladder augmentation/Mitrofanoff since 2000. It staved off infection for awhile, but they seem to be returning as of the past year and being unresponsive to medications which, in turn, spreads them to my kidney. Everything has been looked at - no reflux, kidneys were "perfect", etc... I just don't understand why this happens. Also, is it safe and effective to treat UTI by prevention w/the 50mg Macrodantin taken daily? So far, I'm feeling good again, but just dreading the next. I drink lots and cath often. Anyone else successfully managing UTIs by this prevention method?
    Thanks for all replies!


    ETA - Is drrinking soda bad for the bladder? I've slowed down on my soda consumption to maybe 5/week. It's really my only vice but I'll quit if it's condusive to infection (or, try!)
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    Another question: I was reading the thread about D-Mannose and e.coli. Is e.coli the bacteria that causes UTIs after sex? If so, would taking D-M after intercourse be a good idea in combination w/the Macrodantin? The strain that causes my infections is usually staph. Thanks.

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    i think taking a daily antibiotic is a very bad idea.
    try this cocktail=
    2000mg vit c
    2000mg cranberry caps
    2000mg garlic caps
    this keeps your urine very acidic, not letting bacteria grow. im 18yrs post and get a uti maybe once every 4-5 years. i dont cath though.
    try it it certainly wont hurt you, imo it works great rep
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    I agree about daily antibiotics, too. My urologist told me it was safe but I refused this option until this time. I feel back to back UTIs are out of control. I also fear building immunities to antibiotics. As it is, I'm allergic to all hydroquinones (Cipro, Levaquin, etc). Augmentin and so forth is tough on my stomach, but currently effective. I've done the "acidic bladder" tratment, but will try again. I'm afraid to quit the Macrodantin, though for fear of another infection.

    What does everyone else do? Are daily low-dose antibiotics safe?


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    Cool UTI's

    I would try taking Cranactin, Oregamax and I would even try an all natural UTI cure. They have all worked for me. I take Cranactin daily.And I'm no doctor. It's just that my body doesn't agree with most medications. Good Luck.

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    It sounds like you have evaluated all the main issues related to getting UTIs. Taking routine antibiotics is not considered standard as one can develop resistant infections. As listed below, keeping the urine as acidic as possible (soda does not help the acidity) is very helpful.

    In saying that though, as you will see, there are as many solutions out there as to how to prevent infections, taking routine antibiotics being one of them.


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    Andrea You can try 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinger mixed with 8oz. of water. I drink 4 tablespoons in my water. There is enough acid in it to keep ur kidneys & bladder free of bacteria. It also is a lot cheaper than that other stuff. You got to drink it once a day & most importantly drink lots of water or non caffanated fluids.

    SCI Nurse what is your opion about the vinger?
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    I have not heard of drinking vinegar to acidify your urine. I can't imagine it tastes great, but if it works for you, great.


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