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Thread: Republican Senate Leader Frist to back ESC research!

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    I know how hard lilsis and Jim worked to get to DC personally and make sure everyone and everything was taken care of. Yes I will remember that morning vividly too, Wise. We are pieces of the puzzle somehow (politics or not), and we DID make a difference in this picture. May Frist use his now outspoken views to change health of many!!

    p.s. Bethany you forgot to say in front of lilsis Jack was getting a free ride! haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by lilsister
    Come on over!!! I'll buy you a beer..............or two! We have lots of room and Madison is nice. Deb
    Hiya Deb & Jim,

    Hey, make room for Colin & me--we are only 4 hours from Madison!!

    btw...I'm quite sure your visit with Senator Frist DID leave quite an impression on him. How could it not? You guys are so awesome!!


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    I sure hope you can come see us! Bring the girls if you want too, Jim really enjoyed meeting them. The exciting news is that we found a house and will close on it at the end of September. That gives us a few months to rehab it since our rental lease isn't up til Feb. I am hoping to make the guest bedroom/bathroom accessible also. We are so excited. Deb

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    Deb--new digs. How wonderful. Congratulations!

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    Frist right to push for change on stem cells

    Frist has been strongly criticized by conservative groups who oppose embryonic stem cell research for his support of the Castle-DeGette bill. Amidst many editorials and articles from conservative papers that have criticized him, there are some well-written editorials and support him.
    Frist right to push for change on stem cells

    Credit Sen. Bill Frist with demonstrating that members of Congress continue to think through matters of individual conscience after they check in at the U.S. Capitol.

    The senator from Tennessee showed mettle when he split with President Bush and most Washington Republicans to back expanded federal funding for stem cell research.

    His stand probably hurt his chances of claiming the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

    Polls show that about two-thirds of Americans favor stem cell research. But important conservative interest groups are adamantly opposed.

    Reaction from interest groups generally in the Republican tent was quick and intense.

    James Dobson of Focus on the Family said that Frist's statement was "the worst kind of betrayal" and that the senator would lose election support from conservative Christian groups.

    "Treating living human embryos as mere fodder for experimentation crosses a vital ethical line and contravenes the sanctity of human life," said David Stevens, executive director of the Christian Medical Association.

    Frist also won praise from such Democrats as Sen. Ted Kennedy, but those kind words are not something generally prized by Republicans with political ambitions.

    Frist's stem cell stance came as a particular surprise after he joined the chorus of Republican lawmakers who tried to block removal of Terry Schiavo's feeding tube earlier this year.

    One of the most intriguing aspects of his support for expanded stem cell research is that he believes it is compatible with his pro-life views. "I am pro-life. I believe human life begins at conception," said Frist, a transplant surgeon. "I also believe that embryonic stem cell research should be encouraged and supported."

    Frist said President Bush's policy to permit research only on stem cell lines that already existed at the time of his announcement has proved too limiting.

    Frist wants federal funds for research using embryos created by couples undergoing fertility treatment. In that process, it is not unusual that more embryos are created than the couple needs. Those embryos are either destroyed or frozen indefinitely.

    In an era in which individuals are pressured to adopt viewpoints premanufactured by interest groups, Frist's words about his intellectual journey are worth repeating:

    "No doubt, the ethical questions over embryonic stem cell research are profound. They're challenging. They merit serious debate. And not just on the Senate floor, but across America — at our dining room tables, in our community centers, on our town squares.

    "We simply cannot flinch from the need to talk with each other, again and again, as biomedical progress unfolds and breakthroughs are made in the coming years and generations. The promise of the biomedical age is too profound for us to fail."

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    While Frist may have lost the support of some conservative Pro-life groups with his support of embryonic stem cell research, he has won the support of both the Orthodox and Reform Jewish communities.

    This is despite previous episodes where the Reform Jewish Movement were disturbed by Senator's previous statements concerning how opposition to President Bush's judicial nominees are engaged in an assault on "people of faith", saying that Jewish are also people of faith.

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