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Thread: When Do we give to much trust?

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    When Do we give to much trust?

    Hi to everyone here. I'm a new dude to all the forum exchange that happens here. I think it's wonderful. Here's my reason for asking such a title question. Sep.'05 Diagnosed with TM at T7. Was assigned a neuro from that moment at O.S.U. Had dealt with her for the past 3 yrs. She was completing her rez program. During this time with each office visit there would be an attending that always concluded the visit. However, it was a different one each time. They had no working relationship with me. They would spend all of 20 sec. on my chart. Tell me they agreed with the treatment and exit. My Dr. left June this year. So I now had no neuro. I brought this to my Primary Dr.'s attention in Sep. She got me into the MS Center @ O.S.U. I didn't know they had one. I was Being treated @ the Neuro Science Center. I thought that's all they had. So, @ today's visit the Dr. I saw had all my records and had reviewed them before my arrival. We looked @ MRI's from the past 3 yr.'s 1 per. He tells me that all 3 look 100% normal. Nothing @T7. In june of '07 I had started B12 replacement therapy. Was told in '05 levels were low. Told again in '07 they were even lower. Today I was shown the actual lab results showing both times my B12 level was normal. But the Dr.'s report said I was low. Today I was told that the new Dr. wasn't sure I had TM. We did more tests in the office today than I had in the last 3 yr.s of office visits. The labs he has ordered are looking @ copper, Vit.C,D,E. Syph. HIV And A couple other minerals I can't remember right now. I do Baclofen 10mg TID now. we are going to ramp up to 30mg TID over the next 6 wks. He feels @ that point I should no longer have any walking issues. I had thought before that I was getting good care. Until today. How do we know when our treatment is truely half-assed? Who are we to trust? It took 3 yrs. to get to this Dr. What the hell? Sorry for being so long winded. I am interested in what some of the pros here think.


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    I think anytime you get a bill or insurance EOB that names the attending as the one paid you should grab his coat and tell him to sit down on the next visit. Have a list of questions ready. Better make 2 and use yours for writing notes on of what he said. Like if I'm low in B12 in 05 why not start treating it now and not 2 years later?

    I'd be asking this neuro why the baclofen if there is no reason you shouldn't be walking? If you were diagnosed with TM ask him what the former attending based that on and did you receive steroids and rehab? It will be in your chart. And ask your neuro for a short synopsis of each visit sent to you after each visit. I get this automatically at Hopkins where my neuro is. OSU is not a slough off place and this should not be something you need to ask for but if you're not getting it--ask!
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    Unfortunately, I was sent to Emory University in 1992 and treated much the same as you are describing here. I saw a different student each visit and unfortunately because of that I lost a skin graft. I feel communication was the major reason for the loss of the graft. Those treating me knew all of 10 minutes about me.

    Anyway here are my suggestions......

    Get complete copies of your medical records.
    Read through them carefully.
    Anything you dont understand...write down a question to ask this new doctor.
    Get copies and keep a file on all your future treatments as well.

    Unfortunately, you must do your own research and double check behind physicians or you won't know when you are getting half ass treatment. I learned this the hard way. I have had physicians ( I work with lots of them as well) tell me I am very knowledgeable about my injury. If something doesn't sound right, I call them on it.

    On a good note, it sounds like this last physician is knowledgeable so ask him questions. Unfortunately, there are few good physicians out there. Most are happy being mediocre.
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