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Thread: China Surgery

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    China Surgery

    I leave for China Aug 13th. I would like to answer questions from people @ this site on a regular bases. If it would be possible to set up a forum for this.
    I would guess that I would be classified as an ASIA d T5 incomplete. With full muscle use, weakening the further from the injury sight you get. Sensation, normal to the bottom of my nipples, can feel sharp / dull left side, right side to the knee cap then it gets very spotty. Have bowl and bladder control, however go from not having to go to really need to go quick. (If this makes any sense) I do walk with single point cain, I'm not walking marathons, but as long as where I need to go is in sight I get there. I hope that the people who have gone before me have just been bombarded with request that they have just quit talking, not that the surgery did not help them. Please all that read know I will not give up my email for fear of being over whelmed, but I will answer questions from here. For those of you planning a trip to China, Michigan Rehab Inst. has my permission to give my email to anyone is going.
    Jeff C.
    J Clark

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    I think that it is a good idea. May I suggest that the best place to do this is the Clinical Trial Forum in the Exchange Category. We will set up instructions to do this and reorganizing the clinical trial forum so that people can use that forum to report their findings. The Cure forum should be for people to ask their questions concerning cures and put new cure news in the Cure Forum. After much thought, I thought that this would be the best interim solution until we set up a registry of people who have been or are in clinical trial trial to report their results on a separate web page.


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