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Thread: How Much Do You Get Paid?

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    Exclamation How Much Do You Get Paid?

    As I noted in a previous thread I am trying to decide whether to honor a request for a raise from my attendant.

    She has been with us for almost 7 years now so it is very comfortable to have her around. For the last 1 1/2 years we have been paying her $15.50 and she is now requesting $18.00. Even though she is very good and reliable I don't know how much we can afford to pay her for this job (I'm leaning towards $16.50?). We live in Southern California and she works 25 hours per week doing some household chores and some of business packaging during that time.

    Can you please let me know how much you get paid along with how long you've been at your job and number of hours / week?

    I would appreciate as many responses from caregivers but wouldn't mind hearing from SCI's either. Please try to answer all three parts as she was very particular last time I showed her your responses.

    Thank you! thank you! thank you!

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    Although I'm a caregiver, I'm in the 'nonpaid family member' category! However, we do have an aide for my son; his raises are based on a standard 3% 'cost of living', then 'add-ons' for merit. So your raise of $1.00 an hour would fall well within those bounds, and would be a most generous raise.

    One thing we've also done is to add on 'paid time off'; after the first year, they get 4 'paid time off' days; they can be used as sick days, or holiday days off, or whatever. Then I add on 1 more day each year at each raise.

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    WOW aides here get 7.50 an hour or less. Private pay is different and it is Cali. But with out the knowledge of what she does, and the pay rate that other aides go for it is really for me impossible to tell you to get rid of them. Are the a CNA ? To me in Southern Illinois that seems like alot of money. Aides that are thru the state here make between 6.75-7.50 an hour. HAB techs starting 8.29 and CNA's can make up to 15.00 hour in a large hospital.

    If you can afford it I would say pay them if they are a hard & good worker. My old saying rings true "lots want a job, few want to work".

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    We used temporary PCAs

    For a month or so, through Kelly Services. Kelly was charging us $15 per hour, but that was 4 years ago, and I don't know what they were paying the PCAs.

    Probably about $10 . . . you might check with one of those kinds of places in your area to see what the going rate is, just as a kind of starting point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzie Q
    WOW aides here get 7.50 an hour or less.
    Same here in Virginia
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    I'm Canadian but my insurance gives me funds to pay my husband 10.27/hour + 6% in lieu if benefits, hes been caring for me for 2 years and got a 1.00 raise his first year, next year he will probably just get a 3% cost of living raise. converts that amount to 8.33 American.

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    Remember, there is a difference between what the agencies pay the aides, and what the pay scale is for a private hire aide.

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    Thanks for your input everyone...pls. continue caregivers!
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    here on the southern west coast of florida the going rate for pca...start @ $9.00. my close friend moved out to northern california...she's a special ed teacher. she was surprised at the increase in her salary coming from florida...of course after living there for a few months, she soon realized that the increase was much needed...cost of living was much higher than here. i wish u lots of luck...u certainly don't want to loose someone that's doing a fine job.


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    As I previously stated, in Southern California the going rate is between $10.00-14.00/hour for private pay (no benefits) PCAs. Agency is totally different, and rarely used because HHA are not allowed to do bowel care, caths, or help with meds. If you are on IHSS (state program) depending on your county the PCA is paid anywhere from $7.50-9.50/hr. and it is then illegal to supplement this with any of your own money (although you can provide "perks" such as meals, lodging or transportation...most who qualify for IHSS cannot afford this though).

    A 3-5% annual raise would be consistent with private industry or federal employee COL raises.

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