As I noted in a previous thread I am trying to decide whether to honor a request for a raise from my attendant.

She has been with us for almost 7 years now so it is very comfortable to have her around. For the last 1 1/2 years we have been paying her $15.50 and she is now requesting $18.00. Even though she is very good and reliable I don't know how much we can afford to pay her for this job (I'm leaning towards $16.50?). We live in Southern California and she works 25 hours per week doing some household chores and some of business packaging during that time.

Can you please let me know how much you get paid along with how long you've been at your job and number of hours / week?

I would appreciate as many responses from caregivers but wouldn't mind hearing from SCI's either. Please try to answer all three parts as she was very particular last time I showed her your responses.

Thank you! thank you! thank you!