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Thread: cleaning catheters

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    cleaning catheters

    i am using reuseable pvc catheters for intermitten catherization and would like to know how others that are doing the same clean their catheters for reuse and how long do they use the same catheter..........thanks!.......Toss

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    tosssweep, if you do a search for "catheter", you will probably find a large number of postings on how to clean catheters. KLD (our SCI-Nurse leader) is an expert on this subject and has posted extensively on this subject in the past. I suggest the following topics:

    I hope that this helps.


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    From the SCI Nurse:

    "Depending on the type you use, we recommend discarding and replacing the latex catheters when they start to get stiff, and the PVC or silicone ones when they start to get cloudy."

    I found the Mentor PVC to get cloudy spots after about a month and a half, even with meticulous care and open air drying. I think one month will be probably be my changing period to balance cost with safety. Every month I start a new box of 30, this gives several days supply of caths and allows plenty of time for drying between use.

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