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Thread: bladder pain

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    bladder pain

    pain and feeling of fullness in bladder. was wondering if any males with sci are experiencing pain or the uncomfortable feeling of fulness with an intermitten cathing program. i'm a c5, c6 incomplete quad and have just in the last year been on an ic program. in recent months i have been having this type of pain in my lower abdomen, i.e between my penis and navel. for 24 years i was able to urinate on my own and used condom catheters but in the recent past began having truoble urinating and ultimately quit entirely. my urologist recommended a ic program ever 4 to 6 hrs. it empties my bladder ok but i get recurrent infection every 3-4 wekks. my urologist put me on a low dose antibiotic (macrodantin 100mgs. once daily) and a urinary antiseptic (Urimar T). this helps but i'm stil aware of the constant uncomfortable feeling
    would like any info. resources or advice on this if you would all be so kind. thanks!.........Toss

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    I was on a condom drainage for 14 yrs. My bladder eventually quit, unable to kick out more than was left inside. Even worse was continual bladder pain (between penis and navel). I went to IC and got relief so I felt most pain down there was from bladder problems. I got my bladder augmented so I could hold more and cath easier.

    The pain started about 12 yrs post.

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    bladder pain

    Tosssweep - In your description of your current bladder problems, you have not mentioned any bladder and kidney studies. If you have not had a thorough urodynamic studies, it is time to do so. It sounds as though you may not be fully emptying the bladder with the IC. Does your doctor have SCI expertise? Has your doctor checked your prostate, looked for bladder stones, determined sphincter function and the pressures within your bladder? Would urge you to follow up on the above. There have been many posts re: bladder management issues on this site; go to the search box to find previous posts on that may offer helpful insights. CRF

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    bladder pain

    thanks for your reply and info. on bladder pain subject. i have not had any urodynamic studies done but my urologist did have an ultra sound and abdominal x ray done. after getting the results back he said he didn't feel that the urodynamic studies were anything that needed to be rushed into but at some point he thought they should be done. that was last october and i've been icing since then. no my doctor isn't an sci expert and i would like to find one my area that i could see. any info. on sci expert urologists in south alabama?

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    bladder pain and management

    tosssweep - Since you continue to have the symptoms, it is important for someone with SCI to have further studies. A helpful explanation of the various urological studies that can/should be done can be found at the University of Miami:

    Since you must live in the vicinity of the University of Alabama, Spain Rehab Center (for SCI), I would suggest that you call the Center, ask to speak to a nurse coordinator for the Outpatient SCI Program; she/he should be able to offer suggestions or let you know if you could possibly be seen in their outpatient program (if you live close enough). You can also go to the UAB website to find physicians:

    I would encourage you to seek further testing to find a reason for the problems that you are experiencing. CRF

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