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Thread: I think I found the best quad-friendly sandals

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    Those Keen and Sketchers look pretty ''slip onable'',a very important word in my vocabulary.

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    Sandals on guys never look cool to me. Flip-flops can look okay, but sandals? Bleh. Especially Birkenstocks. To each their own, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun
    Those Keen and Sketchers look pretty ''slip onable'',a very important word in my vocabulary.
    Teva makes this style too. Not so much knockoff as the "look" in river sandals this year.

    they are comfy as all get out, just depends on your foot as to which pair fits you best.

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    I've never been big on sandals myself, I was more of a skater-shoe or wicked-boot type guy, but I got a pair of the steel color Keen Newports and they totally kick ass! They look really cool for sandals, have that cool elastic lace thing, are very clip-onable, have good toe protection, have nice padded liners inside to prevent pressure spots, and the soul is made to absorb and neutralize odor, plus they are waterproof. I love these things and I don't usually get excited by footware(except my external steel-toe black leather boots of course, those are the coolest boots ever made).
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