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Thread: hey Andy, Mike, Kay, and other bikers...

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    Had a trike go by my place last night. The first I've seen in 35 yr's here. But it had a Volzvwagon engine. I want a V8!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm still dreaming guy's!

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    saw a trike with a V8 in it at a motorcycle show i went to. 430hp!! so i took there info and found out there in the next town over from me. i would like to modify this baby some how. apex trikes this trike would blow that lil t-rex away. you'll appreciate this one duge!!

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    Oh HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

    Now That will turn a few heads!!! A Trike with a fully Blown 350 Chev engine!! Gotta have one of those!!

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    is there a way to drive one with no leg control?

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