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Thread: "Hellman's/Kraft" Mayonnaise vs. "Miracle Whip" Salad Dressing

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    "Hellman's/Kraft" Mayonnaise vs. "Miracle Whip" Salad Dressing

    my vote is for hellman's...its gotta be mayonnaise...

    and anyone who says they're the same thing is nuts....
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    whoops thought i was in the food forum...mods, help please?

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    Ick. Neither.
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    it will find

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    Quote Originally Posted by CurlieQCarrie
    Ick. Neither.
    X's 2

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    Miracle Whip

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    Miracle Whip

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    Hellman's is a relativley new brand on the shelves round here but I have tried the mayonnaise and yeah it's pretty good, prefer S&W whole egg mayonnaise though (pretty well use it mainly for potato salad with dill n corriander). Dunno what miracle whip is but it sounds like 'fake' food, which counts me out.

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    Miracle Whip.

    No they are not the same & I know that, but I am not a mayo fan...I DO like miracle whip tho.

    BTW, Hellmans is the same brand as Best Foods for those of you who live out west...I dunno if they ever changed the name out there(been more than a couple years since I've been back to AZ)
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    I like them both. Change up every now and then. Sometimes get the ol'dill mustard out. They are totaly different in taste. Just spread it thick.

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    Hellman's/Best Foods is the BEST!

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