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Thread: Awesome Rib's

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    Awesome Rib's

    This is sooo easy in the a.m. place ribs in slow cooker dump in a bottle of your fav bbq sauce ,put on low come back at dinner time, YOUR GONNA LOVE EM.

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    crock pots rank pretty high on the list of greatest inventions ever....

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    Do you boil the ribs first?

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    While at the public library yesterday I browsed through a recent issue of Esquire - saw a fool proof recipe for bbq pork.
    Get a 4-5 pound hunk of pork butt, put in roasting pan smothered in your favorite bbs sauce and cook at @ 220 - 250 degrees for about 6 hours.
    The writer claims that he hasn't managed to screw it up yet.
    Says it's basically "pulled pork" when it's done.

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    Tried this on Labor Day - wasn't "pulled pork" tender - but it was great. Another "fire and forget" recipe that's great for a slow weekend. Limited intervention yields nice dinner at end of day.
    Another such approach involves getting a large oven stuffer - placing it in a disposable baking pan with foil over it like a pup tent - oiled and seasoned t taste.
    Put lots of charcoal in the grill - get those going for about 1/2 hour - put the bird on the grill, cover the grill (I have one of those big old round Weber units) and come back in about 3 hours to see if the little white thermometer thingy has popeed. Meat will be falling off the bone when its ready!

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