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While in Colorado his Neurosurgeron gave us the choice. Showed us the findings and referred us back to San Diego for a second opinion or the option of getting Nick into the Proneuron treatment at the Craig Hospital. We decided to come home. Immediately he was looked at by 3 surgeons who all agreed that surgery was a good choice not to have.
I believe Nick's accident caused his spine to compress causing his injury but it all fell into place and was in alignment. He had bones that needed to heal, but there was not a compression.
The diff is this. Most people with SCI have had surgery. You really don't know about this until it happens to you and then you have to learn really quick the best route.
It is most difficult to understand, relate and get communicated to by Neurosurgeons.
Again, if you are willing, I would love for you to look at the pics. Thank you for your quick response. Sincerely, Bonnie
Bonnie, the question is whether or not Nick has compression now. If his spinal column became realigned and was no longer being compressed, he did not and does not need surgery. It is not a good idea for somebody like me to look at an MRI. It should be done by a practicing spinal surgeon who looks at films every day and operates on patients, or a neuroradiologist who knows the machine that produced the images and can even adjust the images. Many people send me their MRI's and the quality of the pictures are too low to see the spinal cord clearly. The question that you want to ask is whether or not he has compression and tethering of the spinal cord now. If he doesn't, there is nothing to operate on.