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Thread: Kuschall K3 wheelchair

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    Originally posted by feisty:

    doesn't the low plaement of the seat make it harder to transfer? I would assume you'd just have to go over the wheels each time?

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    thats the way most high end ultralights are set up. the lower your center of gravity the easier the chair to manuever. you get used to transfering out of it quickly, its not hard

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    I'm getting the airlite was/is a very nice chair.

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    Emi: please email me at and let me know how you like your airlite pro. i will be getting a new chair in a few months and looking at this one.. thanks

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    The only problem I could see is th estability. Leaning forward and to the sid...say to p[ick something up could be a problem. Try it and if you don't tip, it would be neat. The leg placement doesn't bother me. I don't have a strap behind my legs, so if I went over backwards the same thing would happen any way. The seat doesn't need to be that low, but it's common and transfers aren't a problem for people that do it like that.


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