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Thread: Baclofan use to stop night time leaking

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    Baclofan use to stop night time leaking

    Ok so for the last three weeks I have been leaking at night usually 4 out of 7 nights if not more. I intermit ten cath and can tell when my bladder is in need of emptying. I am 4 mg of Dextrol LA and I cath right before bed and set the alarm for two hours later. When the alarm goes off I have either leaked or I am dry. If wet I change in to dry boxers and cath if dry still cath and then sleep until the alarm goes off at 5 am where I wake up dry. I did have a UTI and did a week of Cipro which seemed to help but as soon as the Cipro was gone the leaking came back. Yesterday I went to see a urologist after looking at the meds I was on he asked me what he could do for me I told him stop me from peeing in bed at which he replied you are already taking the med I would suggest so you might as well ask me to make your legs work. He then suggested that I take 10 mg of Baclofan just before I go to bed as it must be my muscular spasms that are causing me to leak. I am three years post and I have never ever taken Baclofen and I really don't want to start now, but if it would help with the leaking I would think about it. Have any others out there been told to use Baclofan to stop night time leaking. The urologist did not take a urine sample or anything just said take the Baclofan and if in four weeks you are still leaking come back and maybe then I will look up your Who Hah (his exact words as he put a pinch of Copenhagen between his cheek and gum. I left his office thinking god what an arrogant SOB. So tell me does this sound like some kind of witch doctor shit or what


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    I personally would not go back to him again. What rude comments from anyone much less a doctor. My suggestion would be to find another urologist. I take up to 120 mg of baclofan a day and if I do not take my 10 mg of ditropan I would leak during the day and at night.
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    Did he really dip right in front of you in his office? EWWWW!!

    I agree...find a different urologist, even if you have to travel out of town for a consultation. This physician does not sound like he knows anything about SCI, probably is way out of date on the latest therapies, etc.

    Have you had urodynamics? When?

    Have you been tried on any other anticholenergic med other than just Detrol LA? There are many others, and they work differently for different people. Have you been tried on the addition of imipramine at bedtime? Has intravesicular Ditropan been discussed at all? Would you consider Botox injections of your bladder? (this is not the first choice...other meds should be tried first).

    Perhaps some other members in your state could suggest a decent urologist. Otherwise you may need to go to someplace in Minnesota to find a good neurologic urologist, and I am sure we can get you some names there.


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