Hanoun Medical, Inc. Introduces Newest Human Performance Evaluation Technology; Focus is On Upper Extremity Conditions

DOWNSVIEW, Ontario and GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo.--(BW HealthWire)--Aug. 13, 2002--

Company's System Will be Used to Assess Broad Range of Upper

Extremity Physical Abilities, Diagnose Impairment and Provide


Hanoun Medical, Inc., an international medical technology and employer services company specializing in the evaluation and monitoring of human performance, announced today the introduction of its latest technology, The Hanoun Upper Extremity System (UE).

Hanoun Medical's UE System, which employs both strength and dexterity testing, is designed to assess upper extremity human performance, detect possible impairment and provide rehabilitation to patients with repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and a wide array of other related conditions. With its advanced protocols, innovative applications and novel fatigue analysis software, the UE system can determine and quantify physical abilities and work-related performance on an extremely precise basis, incomparable with other technologies.

"Our new UE System will prove very beneficial to patients, employers, physical therapists and the medical community at large because of its pioneering capabilities. Not only is the UE System able to determine precise physical performance, but also, the real value lies in its ability to assess impairment and immediately rehabilitate appropriate injured areas. This process will result in quicker patient recoveries and a lower number of missed work days for those hurt on the job," said Mark Dakos, chief operating officer of Hanoun Medical.

"Our UE system will significantly aid employers and insurance companies as they strive to minimize healthcare and workers compensation costs while enhancing patient outcomes," Dakos said.

The Hanoun UE System features a variety of strength tests which can measure upper extremity performance including: grip testing; pinch testing; static torque force testing; wrist flexion/extension strength; independent finger joint strength testing; bi-lateral simultaneous grip and pinch strength testing; manual dexterity testing; repetitive wrist, elbow and shoulder flexion and extension; handling, tool manipulation and fine finger dexterity; and gross manipulation testing. The UE System also provides more than 100 various protocols for fine motor skill evaluations to be used in head, spinal cord and upper extremity injury cases.

Reed Hanoun, chairman at Hanoun Medical, commented on the company's latest development: "The advances we are making in technology relating to human performance evaluation are changing the ways in which patients are receiving care and returning to work when injured on the job. By combining science and technology, we are able to create comprehensive human performance evaluation and rehabilitation systems, unlike any other approach available in the marketplace today. Our UE system is no exception and complements the family of human performance evaluation systems we have introduced during the past five years."

Hanoun Medical will begin delivering the UE System to its clients in August 2002. For more information, please visit www.hanoun.com and click on the UE3000 icon.

Hanoun Medical, with offices in central Toronto and the metro Denver area, is an international medical technology and employer services company specializing in the evaluation and assessment of human physical performance in work-related, sports, and physical maintenance situations. The company assists employers in reducing extensive costs associated with workplace injuries by providing integrated web-enabled software applications and patented digital medical technologies that enhance the delivery of healthcare services. These applications and technologies are used in the evaluation of physical performance, determination and prevention of injury and predictions relating to an employee's ability to return to work.

Hanoun Medical has been developing highly sophisticated digital technologies and rehabilitation equipment used in evaluating and monitoring physical functions and mobility for more than 15 years. Hanoun Medical occupies a key niche in the marketplace as hospitals, healthcare service providers and employers across six countries, as well as the U.S. government, utilize its specialty-patented technologies.


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