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Thread: Dulcolax vs. Magic Bullets

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    Arrow Dulcolax vs. Magic Bullets

    i was just wondering which 1 is better or works better.
    Dulcolax or Magic Bullets?

    i have been injured for 6 years and have used the D's this whole time. ive herd good things abouts MB and am ready to buy some amo. i have found a site that sells 100 for $50. I have to use my own cash since medicare wont cover them n my supplier "Shield" doesent have them. Its funny shit i gotta pay to go too the bathroom

    ive herd the MB work faster and u get better results, n thats the problem ive been having with D's.

    so what kind of amo is best?

    28/M/chicago/C5-c6 quad Comp.

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    Magic Bullets are a Dulcolax, from my understanding they are just in a water base instead of an oil base. The water base seems to make things move through faster. The rehab I went to only used the Magic Bullets, when I got home and used the regular vegetable base I was sitting there for two hours or more at a time and having accidents. With the Magic Bullets I am there for an hour at the most in very seldom do I have accidents. Medicaid and my insurance do not pay for them either but for me it is worth the extra money and is the only thing I use.
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    Just to clarify, Dulcolax is a brand name of bisacodyl suppositories. You can use these or a generic bisacodyl interchangably.

    Magic Bullet is a different brand of bisacodyl suppository that melts faster and works faster for some people, but not all. There is no generic equivilent. If you have a problem with either incomplete emptying or prolonged emptying during bowel care, you may want to try them, but the expense is not always justified. I have had a few clients who got mild AD or cramping and found the Magic Bullet too strong for them.


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    It was my case, M B suppository was too strong. Now I cuts it in half. Everything is fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    I have had a few clients who got mild AD or cramping and found the Magic Bullet too strong for them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve
    It was my case, M B suppository was too strong. Now I cuts it in half. Everything is fine.
    Interesting solution. I, too, suffer from A/D, i.e., severe sweats, cramping, using the MB, however the discomfort is worth it considering the time it now takes for bm has been cut in half also when compared to the Dulcolax...not to mention the cost savings. I may have to try the cut-in-half thing though.

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    Use of lidocaine jelly 2% both before bowel care and as a lubricant for the suppository and dig stim can go a long way to reducing AD symptoms during bowel care.


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    Same here weeler. The AD is so much worse wth the MB but it works in 15 minutes max compared 30-45 minutes using D. I rarely need to go more than twice a week using the MB which is much better than the 3X a week schedule I was on with the D. I also use half a MB.

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