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Thread: Best bed to prevent pressure sores in paraplegic?

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    Best bed to prevent pressure sores in paraplegic?

    I just received this email and thought that perhaps some people here would know the answer.

    Hi DR. Young, my husband is a para and has alot of trouble with skin breakdown. Do you know what beds are best for para's with this problem.Thanks

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    I have come across this

    This will be my next mattress. This one appears to take into consideration
    temperature as well as pressure. I also hear good things
    about the latex.

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    I make all the decisions about outpatient mattresses for all patients at our medical center. I would need a lot more information in order to make a decision like this, such as:

    Where his skin breakdown problems are--and are they healed or open right now
    How is his nutrition
    Does he have a problem with moisture (incontinence or sweating)
    Does he use a hospital bed, regular bed or adjustable bed, and what size
    Does he turn and is he able to do this himself
    What positions does he use for sleep
    How does he transfer
    What ADLs does he do in bed


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    I use the pressure guard turn select by Span America, which repositions me throughout the night. I am a Quad C5/C6 and live alone and cannot turn myself. It has a hand control that I can turn on and off myself. I use to use the Turn Q by Invacare but traded it in because the controls were at the foot of the bed and weren't accessible for someone living alone.
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    Wise, I'm sure the nurses will chime in here, but I would think that a para could do enough of their own pressure reliefs that breakdown shouldn't be an issue. Perhaps more info from the person who emailed you? Is he unable because of other problems, to do his own pressure relief>

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    Mikki, we used to use the TurnSelect for people with tetraplegia at home who cannot turn themselves, but had major problems with breakdowns and short life span of this product, so we changed over to the CairTurn RT instead. Neither of these is low air loss, and I would question the need for a turning mattress for someone with paraplegia. We rarely issue these under these circumstances unless the person is old or debilitated for some other reason.

    We use a replacement static mattress for many of our clients with paraplegia. There are many on the market that are decent. We used to use the SpanAmerica Pressure Guard Renew, but also had problems with these springing a leak in the air chamber, so now use the Triline ProCair V with good success. There are many other good ones though, and we are getting ready to do an evaluation of a number in anticipation off replacing our Pressure Guard Renew mattresses on my unit.


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    I have been using the Pegasus BI-WAVE air mattress and it has worked for me.

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    KLD, please advise

    KLD,I would appreciate your advise on an overlay. Here are some facts to work with:

    Jim is c5, complete, TBI, and importantly, a type I diabetic of 27 years
    History of stage 3 pressure sore in coccyx area while in Rehab, with no problems since (no flap surgery)
    Uses a Volker bed, which is slightly wider than twin size, standard length
    Unable to turn self, has shoulder problems, able to hook shoulders over but not position legs
    5'9, 165 lbs
    Feet are in good shape, but redden without turning during the night at bony promenances. Does have 2 -3 plus edema by bedtime at times
    Does not transfer self, I either lift or use hoyer (old kind)Had broken arms with resulting inability to completely straighten them
    ROM is done in the bed
    Sleeps in a side-lying position with positioning pillows and pillowy "boots"
    Uses trapeze, connected to headboard, for exercise and to help with positioning and dressing
    Has Workman's Comp
    Skin in excellent condition
    eats well with lots of protein, Blood sugars average about 140
    No incontinence, b or bl, uses a S/P catheter

    I am most concerned with feet/ankles, as they get reddened area's without turning, even with pillow positioned and soft ankle/foot boots. His old drop foot braces from rehab leave more marks after these 5 years. Obviously, with the long term diabetes a sore would be bad, he has pulses, but only by doppler. Does not tolerate prone for longer than 1 hour. Can tolerate 6-8 hours without redness in hips. Has history of heel sores from rehab, stage 1, well healed. Right now he is using an overlay of thick foam of varying density that I made to fit the bed. My original concern was not only his skin but enabling him to practice movement by himself in the bed. Maybe some device just for legs/feet would work? I haven't wanted to stress hip areas so haven't left foot of bed in up position overnite. Thanks, Deb

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    I´m using this. Excellent protection up to 120 kg. body weight.
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    The absolute best way to preven heel breakdown is to bridge the heels with pillows or foam blocks under the calves so that the feet (heels and ankles) never touch the bed. I have not seen a mattress yet that really provides adaquate protection of the bony areas on the feet...including an airfluidized bed (Clinitron).

    Otherwise, does have have the Volkner overlay that goes on top of a regular mattress? I have not been impressed with this at all. It claims to provide turns, but if you measure the body angle, it changes less than 10 degrees, and we have also had problems getting services when they break (often). We stopped using them over 10 years ago.

    I would recommend looking closely at the CairTurn RT for him.


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