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Thread: Wise,why do only the rich get to benefit quickly from stem cell theraphy!

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    Question Wise,why do only the rich get to benefit quickly from stem cell theraphy!

    Hello Wise,
    A month ago it was reported in the papers in Melboune that one of Australia's richest men, Bruno Grollo, worth $720 million, is going to China with his wife to get stem cell treatment that apparently slows ageing and can reverse skin and other parts of the body to its more original circumstances. The cost of the treatment is $40,000 an injection and treatments range from 6-20 injections. They have apparently also reversed people's cancers with the injections. It also said that the Chinese clinic is working at capacity and has had hollywood celebrities also very interested. What I can't understand is why do all these people that allready have everything they need and more get to have stem cell transplants to look and feel younger, while the sick and disabled are still waiting for trials to start!. I can understand the treating of cancer, but please Wise don't tell me that there are scientists that are using stem cells to just try and make more money for themselves out of it, because the scientist providing a cure for ageing is going to be getting alot more patients coming to him than one trying to cure spinal injury. I hope that they can get something like this going on in China for spinal patients aswell! Wise, please let me know what you think about these treatments and if there is really any point of scientists doing them now while there are more important treatments to be worked on!

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    Rich people can also get scammed. In Russia, apparently, many people have been getting stem cell therapies for very high prices, for cosmetic reasons. I have now visited many major spinal cord injury centers in China and do not at the present think that any of them are offering a cure for spinal cord injury at any price. However, several centers in Russia and China are offering a variety of cell transplantation therapies to overseas patients who can pay.

    The issue that you raise is an important one. It is the main reason why clinical trials are necessary. Once rigorous evidence of efficacy and safety are available for FDA approval, treatments then can be covered by insurance. Few insurance company will cover non-FDA approved therapies.


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