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Thread: Recommend stim unit and biofeedback unit

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    Exclamation Recommend stim unit and biofeedback unit

    My son's PT has advised us to get him a stim unit for his pressure sore problems but I don't know where to find this. Are there better Stim Units?? if so where do I find them?

    Also, the PT has recommended a biofeedback unit for my son. He is getting some toe movement and better ab control. Does anyone know about this kind of therapy and where to find a biofeedback unit?

    My son, was injured on Dec.28, 2004, his level of injury is C7, T1, with T3 function.

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    I don't have an answer for you, but I do have some questions. Did your son's PT recommend a particular kind of stim unit? I looked for stim units to help my daughter's pressure sore awhile back after reading research that said stim units could be helpful. We borrowed a TENS unit from someone, but we didn't use it because I was not sure what settings should be used.

    Have you asked your son's doctor if a stim unit should be used? You should check with a doctor first before trying this to be sure it is safe to use. If it is, the doctor may be able to recommend one and if so insurance may pay for it.

    You could check with a rehab center about biofeedback also. My daughter went to see Dr. Brucker in Miami, and maybe they would have some information on units that can be used at home. If not, they might be able to refer you to a manufacturer. Electrologic had advertised a unit on their web site, but they have gone out of business now.

    Good luck.
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    WOW .... I was told NEVER massage or gently rub anywhere near a sore as you can very easily cause severe damage to it. As you can never tell how bad underneath the skin it is.

    SCI Nurse any help?

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    Thumbs up e-stim & biofeedback

    Lucas said to check with Bobbi or Brian at Rusk. Bobbi ordered the e-stim for him. Paul C. recommended biofeedback for Lucas. If these things will help, why don't we have easier access? How does your average person know about these things. Are they secret or something? Grrrr!

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    I found the best stim unit is the neuropulse by electrologic.

    this has done allot for me.

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