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Thread: Favourite Sweets (Candy)?

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    Doesn't "pickled" mean fermented or really old? So you would be eating really old fish?

    Addiesue, lets talk fudge. Yum!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juke_spin
    There's a big, blustery guy working the meat and fish dept at the local Raleys supermarket who's always pushing pickled herring samples, free, of course. I always decline and rarely see anyone taking him up on his enthusiastic offer. I do sometimes ask for a sample of the smoked trout which is perfect except for being a little too dry. I always tell him that it's too dry.
    Smoked trout is very nice. The pickled herring can the Swedes keep by themself, we don't have it in the shop and never bye it when we are in Sweden for shopping.

    The trout you get must be Swedish jukespin, the Norwegian one is not dry
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue
    They had to be drunk or starving. I don't like that stuff either. I'm thinking when I make my trip to Sweden I better pack food in my suitcase.
    I agree with everything said about the concept of pickled fish (yuck) and ammonia licorice just sounds down right nauseating to me. I had the good fortune to go to Stockholm about five years ago and I have to tell you it was the only place where fresh prawns (shrimp) cost about as much as a peanut butter sandwhich here in the states. It was great. I had one prawn salad after another! The also have some great chocolate. Much better than the generic stuff here.

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    haha ladies and smell...?I LOVE CHOCOLATE......
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    Quote Originally Posted by kap
    Doesn't "pickled" mean fermented or really old? So you would be eating really old fish?

    Addiesue, lets talk fudge. Yum!!!!
    "Pickled" means soaked in vinegar, that's all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kap

    Addiesue, lets talk fudge. Yum!!!!
    the best fudge ever comes from there. My mom sent it bc of my anniv tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juke_spin
    "Pickled" means soaked in vinegar, that's all.
    Yep, the vinegar is a preservative. So technically, yes, it's old fish LOL. Believe me, that is the least of its problems!

    Addiesue, I think Sweden probably has plenty of wonderful food. Helene was an excellent cook. She taught me to make a northern Italian veggia lasagna that is killer, made with a cream sauce rather than tomato. I've never been to a European country that had what I'd call bad food...not even England, although that is their reputation.

    And you really could live a few weeks on chocolate and pastries if push came to shove. SUCH good chocolate over there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chick
    I discovered it in a Japanese/Korean grocery store out of town. The store owners were so nice and helpful. While shopping, the man (I think part of the family run store), came up to my friend and me, and offered us this thing - I didn't know what it was at first, but didn't want to refuse and not at least taste. It was over 90+ degrees that day, so I thought he was being kind and offering a cool treat. I (tentatively) tasted... and wow, it was delicious. Creamy, yet very very icey, with the green tea iced crystals. We decided to buy a box. Being so hot, he asked if we had a cooler to take it home in, and I think he was even getting ready to offer to deliver for us (either super nice, or we just scraped by a serial killing!)

    Anyway, I'll need to look for it in a Japanese store here. Haven't seen it before, so will need to ask around. Good luck in finding it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did
    Chick - I dunno what 90 degrees is, but I know it's hot. (I only work in Celsius).
    I did have a look online for Japanese food stores here, in hopes of finding this delicious-sounding iced treat, but no luck. There's Japanese restaurants in Birmingham, but no actual groceries stores.

    BUT! I did find something very interesting for me - there's some Chinese food shops called Wing Yip. They have some big stores over the UK. The Birmingham one is really near where I live. I've passed it several times, but always thought it was a Chinese restaurant. Well doing the internet search, I find it is an east-Asian food superstore! They have mainly Chinese items, but also some Japanese and I think a few other countries.
    I am really excited now I know this, as I can try some Chinese goodies now. Well, as soon as I have any money.

    (My boyfriend who has also known of the nearby Wing Yip also thought it was a restaurant. Doh.)

    They have an online store, which I looked at earlier and got excited.

    @ Sjean - your Licorice looks adorable!

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    Thanks Karen. She is a "sweetie". I was about to post the conversion, but saw Betheny covered it. I am always googling "celsius conversion" .... someone will post that it is in the "30s" and that is cold to me!
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