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Thread: Favourite Sweets (Candy)?

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    North America

    Thumbs up yum!

    Coffee Crisps (can only get them in Canada i think)

    Almond Joy (only in USA)

    peanut M&Ms


    any high quality chocolate

    dried sugared mango (healthy snack, yeah right)

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    United Kingdom
    You can't get Whoppers, Nibs, Hot Tamales, Salt Water Taffy or gummy worms here. I don't even know what these are, but I want 'em.
    I love the sound of the dark Milkyway - I love ordinary Milkyways.
    Perhaps cybercandy can help...
    Oooh, I love dried mango. Fresh mango is even better though.
    Coffee crisps I'm sure I would hate - I loathe coffee (weirdly, I love the smell of it though!)
    Must find sweets...(drools)

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    when I lived in england I used to love maltesers. so much so that a friend made a little gadget/machine for me that fired maltesers great distances! very nifty as I could eat lots (provided I caught them in my mouth) and get exercise at the same time!!

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    cow tails

    gummy bears

    chick o stick


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    Don't know any of them rickhemi
    Carbar - I LOVE Maltesers! They are mega popular here. That Malteser-firing gadget your friend made sounds like great fun!

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    Favorite candy:

    Favorite overall sweet thing, in the whole universe: Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream!
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    When I was younger I was addicted to Twixes, but now I don't much like them.
    I'm not a huge ice-cream fan myself; I prefer sweets and chocolate.
    My boyfriend is an icecream lover though. He likes the dead cheap stuff - I don't know why. The cheaper the nastier, is my view. I will only eat expensive stuff!

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    Ice cream, tonnes of ice cream. But after my SCI my body don’t tolerate products of milk at all (strange actually). I think it has something to do with the sugar in the milk. And I that used to love milk

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    SOUR GUMMY WORMS!! Nothing gets me on a sugar high like those things. So hyper after a few of those.

    Milk Duds

    Laffy Taffy

    Chewey Sweet Tarts
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    Curly Whurlies (they are a U.K. treat, my b/f sends me them. God Bless You Colin) and sour keys!!!!!!!!!
    that's just the way I roll.

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