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Thread: Favourite Sweets (Candy)?

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    That was quick. One week only. Hope you like the chocolate (the one with Dajm on) is the best. I don't expect you to like the salty fishes LOL
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Thanks for the laugh Bente. The kids were horrified at the salty fish. They plan to take them to school Monday for extra credit having something from another country and to torture their friends.

    THEN I hand my kids the good sweet gummy people you sent. Ok there is such a cultural difference about body parts here. My daughter and her friend get to giggling and carrying on like 11 year old girls do. Finally I'm asking what is so funny. She said MOMMY These gummy people have BOOBS!!! And they do. The girl ones do anyway. My son who is 8 didn't want any after the salty ones suddenly wants to try some. You would never see that in America. LOL maybe that's why all of our gummy things are fish bears or worms.

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    *squee* I love that WFE sent Addiesue some sweets!
    And LOL! Those sweets DO have boobs!
    That's brilliant.

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    I love the salty fish, it is not the ammonium kind, I can send you the ammonium kind another time to taste.
    Well, we have had the gummy men for ages and then one day the company found out to make the women. I think they are cute and I hope I did not give any of your children any trauma because of the boobs So they (only the men) and the lemon caramels are old fashion sweets, I remember my mother bought them and she was eating after I slept.

    Did you like the chocolate?
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    anything sour. esp sour patch kids.

    not a big fan of chocolate, but reeses buttercup will always get a grab from me. =)

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    I didn't taste the salty things I wasn't brave enough. I like the lemon, they taste like our yellow starbursts. I haven't opened the chocolate yet. I didn't want to share with 3 kids.
    Also today I got a box of candy from Heathquad. Thanks Heath. My kids did get a lot of that. It's already Christmas at my house I guess.

    Bente I mailed yours the day before yesterday. Lets see how long it takes.

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    Aha, you are like me, hiding the chocolate I am buying sweets for myself and don't share it with my small one He doesn't get sweet things except Saterdays. I give him popcorn without butter and salt

    I am looking forward to see American sweets now. LOL, no boobs I presume But try one fish, it is nice.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I sent lots of mini bars so you could share with him. Nothing with boobs but I did put in a mini bottle of Tennessee whiskey. I hope the postal police don't find it.

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    LOL, I hope not. They don't open every package at this time the year. And if they find it, I have to pay customs only, I don't mind, I really would like to have a mini bottle of Tennessee whiskey. I don't think they care too much. I am even sure that they would never take money from a woman in wheel chair if I smile and say it is a present.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    It's wrapped and wrapped in paper and very small. Tell them country bumpkins in Tn don't know any better.

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