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Thread: what is the big secret about bowel programs

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    Do you use narcotics, drink a lot of water and keep to a regular schedule? Now using MiraLAX to Titrate the consistency of stool as long as my schedule stays consistent there are very few problems 35 years later.

    By the way, when constipated have been told to drink one dose of MiraLAX every hour until there is a bowel movement. This is only when your constipated not blocked or impacted.

    Thank in answer to your question consistency and fluids help the most.

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    L2 incomplete. I've had the same program for 40+ years: suppository (bisacodyl 10 mg), wait, go.

    Early on, after finishing I had some accidents until I realised that there is some mucous waiting to come out. I don't take chances of that (as much as possible).

    Pattern is 3 times per week: insert on waking late ( I do enjoy a sleep in on my days off work), breakfast, after about an hour toilet and push to initiate action (spasmy, farty, solids for about 40 minutes) . It takes about an hour to finish that with about 20 minutes of mostly mucous, reducing in colour and consistency.

    This is where in the early days I could have accidents, as there is the secondary mucous. After a light meal and home admin I go back and push out, usually quite fluid mostly clear stuff about 15 minutes.

    A couple of times I took recommendations of a "better" regime and diet of soy milk, cereals, greens, senna etc, but my system would go haywire and I lost confidence to lead a normal life. I call it controlled constipation that probably horrifies SCI Nurse.

    It is frustrating that my life revolves around a regime that takes me out of circulation so much, but at least I know what is happening. It's not that I don't want something different but that I can't afford a change that will stop me working and "real" life on the "other" days and post toilet.

    All this might not be relevant to you, as I have stomach muscles; also sensation and some control but can't stop what will happen soon.

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    As a cervical injury, you should try Enemeez Plus. Enemeez Plus has Benzocaine as an additional active ingredient, whereby it assists with the AD symptoms. I've been using Enemeez Plus for 17+ years after using Biscodyl suppositories for years (years of weekly accidents and/or discharge). Today, Enemeez Plus every other day usage allows no accidents, nor discharge. Go to their website, whereby you can order samples and apply to their online patient assistance program.

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