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Thread: what is the big secret about bowel programs

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    The BP situation is a pain in the ass for us all, and I had many of the problems you have had. I took milk of magnesia twice, and will never do it again as it just turned my bowels into a messy mud pit. I also had the attack of the ass-snot problem with the Magic Bullets, so I now just use half of one, without incident. In the hospital they taught me to use Enemeez(whoever named these things has a sick sense of humor) in combination with digi-stim. So now I "clear-a-path" with digi-stim, use an Enemeez or half of a Magic Bullet, and play electronic poker while I wait for that to take effect. I then finish up with a little more digi-stim just to make sure all is clear, and then clean up. The wretched nurse I had at the Sheperd Center told me that I had to do digi-stim for a minimum of 30 minutes straight, or it wouldn't work. I figured she had no idea what the hell she was talking about, and was probably just being a sadistic b!tch like usual; but if she did actually try cramming her fingers up her ass and reaming her bung-hole out for at least half an hour I would reconsider it.
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    My recommendation is to be real careful with stimulant laxatives. After using Ducolax for 9 years I got horribly sick. Felt like I was dying, it was truly gruesome, 24 hrs a day, illness beyond belief. Eventually wised up and quit the lax, felt better...HOWEVER, it's been 6 years since then and I usually still feel somewhat ill and or fatigued. It's pretty heavy. You can still find much joy in your life eventually after a SCI, but take real careful care of your body cuz you can really screw things up.

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    Quitting Stool Softeners

    Has anyone gone cold turkey off of stool softeners?

    Dennis (C5/6), 2.5 years post, has not gone more than 20 days accident free! Sometimes more than one a day.

    He has done the stool softeners each night, dig stim and enemeez during each BP 6 days a week (takes Sunday off). He drinks lots of water, eats salads several times a week, drinks 2 cups of coffee during the BP each morning. Has pretty good results during each scheduled BP, but will have accidents at least every three days.

    He has had it! He decided last night to stop the bowels pills for a week to see if it will help. He knows full well he could get backed up and has had very bad AD as a result of being so compacted 2 years ago - to the point that he was re-admitted to Kessler to be under the close eye of his SCI Dr., got cleaned out and felt much better.

    I guess my question is, other than getting impacted, are there other side effects from stopping the stool softeners?


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    how much/many stool softeners is he taking? I've been having accident once each 1-2 weeks, so I'm not taking stool softeners anymore but I'm noticing it makes it harder to pass stool to a point where i was pretty constipated. Maybe trying fewer stool softeners or laxatives?

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    If you're looking for a good source of fiber I reccommend Fiber One Cereal (a real no-brainer) it has 14.5 grams of fiber per bowl, 2 bowls and you've fulfilled the daily reccomended amount.

    I eat it in the afternoon and evening, since our bodies don't digest as quickly when you sit on your ass all day. I mix in nuts w/ it another good source of fiber. I do my program in the morning, magic bullet, chill for 40min, then 20 min of dig stim, like clockwork every day.
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    He was taking 2 Senekot's per day for over a year, then down to one - cutting it back did not make a difference in terms of the amount of accidents.

    Even with the pills, dig stim and enemeez his BP takes 1.5+ hours per day. He knows the risk of being constipated, but is willing to take it right now to try to eleviate the accidents.

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    stool softners and other bowel meds do more harm than good. the old school docs and nurses hand that crap out like candy.

    get him some ground flax seed. mix in oj 3x's a week.

    meg, everyone gets constipated. it happens. i would rather get constipated occasionally than shit myself anyday. rep
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    Have you considered a colostomy?

    Reading this thread and having thought about this daily brings me to about a 90% conclusion that I'm going to do it. It's just a matter of when.

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    Fuente ~ I think Dennis would agree with you on which of the two evils he can deal better with - as long as he does not get AD.

    Just where does one find flax seed? Does it have a 'taste'?

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    Flax seed can be purchased on-line or at most health food stores. It should be finely ground before eating, and it is best if mixed with other foods (such as sprinkled over salads, mixed into cassaroles or homemade bread, etc.)


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