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Thread: Need outdoor wheels and rims

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    Need outdoor wheels and rims

    Anybody have some old rims and/or tires you're willing to sell? I'm going camping in the very near future, and would like to pick up a set of some rims and tires that will handle the terrain. Some sturdy rims would do nicely, and I'd like to use the full on mountain bike tires if possible. I'm also looking for some casters and forks that will suit this purpose, so please let me know if you've got anything. I've got a TiLite ZRA frame, so the release mechanism should fit that. Thanks.
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    if you have 25" wheelchair rims, you can mount standard 26" mt bike tires on them. i do this with continental cross country tires. they are 1.5" wide, but with good tread and do well off road. for the front i can only fit 5 x 1 in my front forks (not quite enough for rugged terrain), but if you can change forks they have 6 x 1.25 pneumatic casters that would be better. or 8 x 2, but those might hit your footrest.

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