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Thread: Incomplete Quad...or Complete Para?

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    Question Incomplete Quad...or Complete Para?

    Being incomplete can be the only thing that keeps some people going. There is always that chance of recovery without surgery, as well as more feeling and maybe some control of the trunk and lower body for quads. However, every quad wants to be a para, because we know how helpful functioning hands, fingers, and abs can be. Sometimes I look at paras with envy, wishing I could have their strength, function, etc. But would I want to be a low para that's complete instead of being my incomplete C-5 self? We're all hoping for a cure, but I'm not waiting. So, what do you guys think? Rather be an incomplete quad, or a low complete para?

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    its not gonna change just gotta give it your best effort, with whatever you have...but i'll let you know what i think...
    1st...give me normal bowel and bladder...
    2nd...i myself would rather be a complete low para...

    and before i get judged and stoned here...just let me say, i am thankful for what i have...i admire those high quads who continue to push forward and would give anything to just have some arm function...

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    Being a high complete quad is tough, no doubt about it. To be able to feed myself, or empty my own leg bag or a myriad of other things would certainly be a level of magnitude better than what I can do currently.

    But I would say one thing that I think could be an advantage, and that is having carers come in to help. My carers come in at the same time every day, and regardless of how lethargic I feel, I still get up because they are here to help me. i think if i was a para looking after myself, a lot of days I would just think "stuff it" and stay in bed till the afternoon, or pass on taking regular showers, or otherwise cut corners from laziness/depression.

    Of course, if i had the option of would still be a para hands down, I mean, who the hell wouldn't???!

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    I personally think regardless of what it is in life you wish you had just a little more. I was at the snow skiing event a couple years ago, and there was a chair sitting beside mine that looked like something a para would be sitting in versus a quad. I looked at my step dad and said, "I hope he realizes how lucky he is". He laughed at me and said, I don't think he looks at it that way, he went through something tramatic also. There was another time in rehab when the guy across from me at dinner was a low-level para, and I could feel myself getting highly irritated at him for talking about how hard things were for them. I just kept thinking poor pitiful you open your eyes and look at me, it's not fair. Then it dawned on me the guy to the left of me had been sitting there watching us waiting for the aides to get done serving everyone else so that they could feed him. I immediately felt like shit, yet glad I had not yelled at the guy across from me quite yet.

    I definitely wish I had fine motor movement in my hands, but at the same time I pretty much live on my own and able to take care of myself, therefore, I should be not content with what I have but, realize I'm lucky in many aspects.
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    Complete para any day!
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    i'm a complete quad, c6,7....where do i sit in ur poll darrin?

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    I am a T-12 complete para and could have been a high quad or dead just as easy and fast as I became a para. It's all like a roll of the dice and the what If's. Before my injury being AB I could not imagine being a para and what everyday life would be like. Being a para and I cant imagine what a quad has to deal and feel every day. Allthough I have a better understanding it is tough with any paralysis at all. Just hang in there boys and girls we will see regeneration soon.

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    i wouldnt want to be a complete para. being a c4/5 inc injury is much better. for me i regained near normal sensation great trunk control and have decent bowel and bladder function. you dont find many if any paras w/ any bowel bladder return. i have had many paras tell me they would give up the use of their hands to not have to cath and do a bowel program, im lucky i dont need either. so its all perspective imo.

    i would love better triceps but im totally independant without them.
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    I would love to have the function of a para, so I could play guitar again, be even more independent, build up my guns again, etc etc etc. But I wouldn't give up the sensation and ability to achieve/enjoy orgasm & ejaulation for that. BTW, I'm a C-6 Incomplete since October 1990, and I've lived on my own for just over 10 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps
    i have had many paras tell me they would give up the use of their hands to not have to cath and do a bowel program, im lucky i dont need either. so its all perspective imo.
    Goodness fuentejps, that really surprises me. I am a complete high para, no abs, but there is no way I would rather have bladder/bowel function returned in exchange for giving up my hands.
    I feel fortunate not to have any arm or hand problems. I get frustrated by how difficult things are for me than when I was ab, but I know that things'd be much more difficult with no hand function.

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