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Thread: Odd catheter, bladder spasm thing...SCI nurse what is happening?

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    Odd catheter, bladder spasm thing...SCI nurse what is happening?

    This last Thursday I had my monthly catheter change, and this time things are a little weird. This has happened for the last three nights and days. I get bladder spasms, leaking urine around the catheter,with not that much going down the tube. Normally, when I spasm, alot goes down the tube and I can hear it going into the bag. This time there is a little dribble, the rest ends up in my bed or chair, it was just "blubbing out". At first I thought it was a blockage of the catheter and irrigated it. I had to milk the catheter in order to get the solution to drain out. When I did that it would drain. My PCA after irrigating it, tried to aspirate it, and nothing would come out. A little while later a chunk of sticky mucus would come out. Then I thought it had cleared as it seemed to drain ok. The urine kind of looked ok, except for some sandy looking stuff that I normally get, but I did increase my water intake to be sure that my bladder was getting "irrigated from above" A little while later my bladder would spasm again, with a strong squeezeing sensation, followed by a feeling like soeone sticking a sharp object into my bladder, much like a pencil. I squirted urine around the catheter, having to change the pad under me again.We irrigated again, still not being able to aspirate the solution. Again milking the catheter, to get urine to flow again. I finally called the visiting nurse, who came out. She first irrigated the catheter and she could aspirate it with no odd. Then a while later I would spasm, the same strong squeezing and the poking pencil in the bladder. The night visiting nurse was puzzled by it and is going to leave a message with my regular nurse. Is the spasming actually closing off the catheter thus the squiting around it? I am on Detrol LA, 4 mg capsule. To be sure the balloon was up in the bladder where it should be, she deflated the ballon and advanced it, reinflating it with thev 10cc of water. When the nurse handled the catheter I noticed I was hypersensitive to her moving it the catheter. I also noticed that there was more of a milky looking coating on the inside surface of the extension tube, which I would asume to be mineral deposit from my urine. It usually does not form this much of a coating. What is happening to make my bladder act like it is possessed by the devil? This happened another time with a catheter change and I had to have the catheter changed out for another one. To this day we do not understand it.

    I just realized something. I was up in my chair more this week, and was having problems with pain and discomfort (I have RSD in my lower half). so until I got it quieted down again, have been in bed to get the pain quieted down, could this be related? The touchyness of having my catheter handled could be related to that, thus making me more spasmy???? (maybe I am grabbing for straws to find an answer)

    Thank you for reading all this and I am sorry its long, but I was trying to get all the details in case I missed the connection between something I did not see.

    Thank you for looking into this.


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    Have you had a recent cystoscopy? Some people develop "sludge" in their bladder with an indwelling, which can look like mucous but can also be the precursor to stones. You cannot see with ultrasound. Regular irrigations can sometimes help, although this can also increase your risks for UTI. What does your urologist say about all these problems you are having with your catheter?


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    We found the problem....

    For the second time, the regular visiting nurse inflated the balloon in my urethra! She denies that it, but I know, becuase now that the night nurse has advanced it up into the bladder, the spasms, pain and leaking have finally stopped. I will look into the sludge problem to see if my uro wants me to do more than irrigate it, at this point. Thanks, but I would think the visiting nurse should read her notes especially regarding the length of my urethra, as I am told that it is longer than average.

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