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    Well I suppose you could say I'm a jack of all trades master of none .... a Mom (catch all term) .... wife to Bill (another catch all term) ... I 've been a customer service rep in a bank for - well lets just say quite a number of years .... I also work in a nursing home as a Health Care aide (guess its just my destiny to be a Caregiver ) .... music is like prayer for me so I kinda know about that .... I haven't forgot how it felt to be a teen so I think it serves me well with my kids ... but most importantly ....
    " I'm 50 .... 50 years old .... " (lunging forward on one foot arms up raised wearing a red polyester jumpsuit) .... kinda gives me an an edge on all fronts ... ask me anything ....

    Oh .... one more thing .... I'm kinda getting to be an expert on the ole' pressure sore thing if I do say so myself ....

    This is a great thread by the way .....
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