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Thread: Big increase in severe leg spasms

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    Exclamation Big increase in severe leg spasms

    Approximately three weeks ago I had a big increase in muscle spasms. The muscle in question is the tibialis anterior, both left and right. For years have had problems with spasms in these muscles where they would twitch every so often as I was trying to sleep. When I say twitch, I mean the spasms would last a split second. The spasms would usually go away by themselves or if I took an OxyContin (that's pretty much the only thing that helped). But three weeks ago the spasms got much stronger, sometimes lasting two or three seconds and usually occurring once every 15 or 20 seconds. I've tried many medications but none have stopped the spasms. The spasms last all night long, sometimes switching from one leg to the other and occur no matter what position I am in. A few nights ago I took 500 milligrams of Neurontin, a 200 mg Actiq lollipop, 10 milligrams of oxycodone, 25 milligrams of Tegretol and still didn't get ANY relief. I ended up taking 10 milligrams of Valium out of desperation and even though I was still spasming, I finally fell asleep. However, while I was sleeping my fiance said I was still having spasms. I'm getting little or no sleep at night and if I try napping during the day I get the same type of spasms and all this is driving the crazy!

    I've talked to a few people regarding this and some have said I should see a physiatrist and others a neurologist. I really think the neurologist would be the best one to see as I'm afraid the spasms may be the result of a cyst or some type of pressure on my cord. I'm just wondering what the group thinks (and doctor Young if he reads this) about this and also if anybody else has experienced this type of thing and what medications they used and had the best results with. Any information is greatly, greatly appreciated.


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    Dan, if it is possible try and smoke some weed. I've been getting an increase of spasms and this is the only medicine that completely works for me. Vicoden and baclofen help a lot but still not completely, weed does. I am going to the neurologist next month to find out what is going on, personally I feel I might have a syrnex.
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    my legs will shoot out in front of me and just vibrate it hurtsand they will do that for several seconds. i had an mri done dr bowman say i am ok no reason
    for it precribe a aa drug to go with my bacofin to take 3 times a day i took 1 at midnight along with bacofini slep for10 hrs groogy for 4 more hrs i took
    it again the next nite at 10pm same thing but it let me sleep but didn/tthey help i quit taking couldn/t handle being groggy. they have let up butnow all my leg muscle are tight eventhought i rom daly
    its a witch it hurts all the time very uncomfortable

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    increased muscle spasms are also a sign of a possible UTI....have you ruled that out?

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    do you stretch your legs? in my case my legs spasm straight out for maybe 10-15 seconds everytime i go to transfer. if i stretch or stand in my standing frame though they don't really spasm bad. a therapist told me the reason i spasm is because my legs sit in the same position all day so when i throw them off to transfer it pulls the muscles triggering the spasms.

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    My husband had excellent results with Lamictal, which dramatically reduced the spasms.

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