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Thread: leaking sp catheter

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    leaking sp catheter

    I have a sp catheter in. It has been in since 01-10-05. I have had nothing but problems with it like frequint utis leaking out of where it goes in at to peeing all over my self. Now when I go to bed I have to put a breif on because when I lay on my left side I pee all over myself through my penis. This only happens when in bed. Can anybody give me any advice on what to do about this problem?

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    Have you put this in the care section? I am not sure if SCI nurse is the moneter on this one, but I have had several questions and I have had great help from them. I was having weird problems with my urethral foley and KLD figured it out in a flash.

    It sound like it is clogging of your SP tube. Do you give out alot of mucus, sand or sediment. This was happening alot to me, leaking around the catheter. It tuned out I was having probems with mucus and sediment. I found that when I switched to a catheter with a silver tip and hydrogel coating the UTI's and encruatation disappeared. I use the Dover silicone catheters. I found them also to be much more comfortable. I do not know weather they make one that is specificly for an SP (I do not know weather the foley is the same foley as what is used in a urethal).

    Another thing I do on occasion wich helps pass some of the sediment is to "milk" the catheter. I pinch it between my fingers and kind of roll it. I start at the spot closest to my body, then do it agian, all the way up the catheter. I usually do this last thing after I get into the bed a night, and sometimes again in the morming to remove what has built up all night.

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

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    So that either SCI nurse or Dr. Young can reply.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Another surgery (just what you wanted to hear, right?) called a bladder neck closure would prevent the leakage through you penis. Did you ever have a "spincterotomy" or a urethral stent. There are often problems with leakage in patients who had this done. Does the catheter leak through the hole in your belly too?

    If that's the case you might try wearing a smaller catheter for a while and seeing if the hole won't close up a bit.

    As for the UTI's---Drink, drink, drink. That means non-caffeinated beverages to the point that you pee out 3 liters a day. The more you keep the drainage going, the less chance the bugs will stick.

    Does your doctor do a culture before ordering antibiotics? If she/he doesn't, you should ask for this. Using the right antibiotics will get rid of the bad bugs and you can have a clean start.

    Good luck.


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    As well as the silver tipped catheter, I take cranbery pills so they will keep the bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. This will help also to keep the UTI's in check. Some people have been taking garlic along with it, but I have not at this point, but I do eat alot of it. I am queen of garlic! It will cause your urine to have an offensive smell though, so you are going to have to really clean those urine bags thoroughly.

    Good luck!

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    SCI Nursre Doctor does cultures first. Catheter sometimes leaks after being changed & when laying on left side. No stents or anything else just a ureatha catheter foley until this sp was put in. Last night I tried some apple cider vinger I drank 4oz. to start the process. No leaking last night. Night bag holds over 2000 cc it was filled to the brim. Hopefully this stuff will work. Can I go swimming in a creek or lake with this catheter?

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    Going swimming should not be a problem. Enjoy yourself.


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    SCI Nurse my uro doc said a pool only because of all the bactiera in the creeks & lakes can get in the hole where my sp goes in at.

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    You could give it a try. I don't honestly think that it would be a problem as long as the water is clear and not brackish. But it is probably a little safer in a pool. See what happens.


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    Does anyone have pictures of what the SP Cath proceedure look like

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