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Thread: What's the best way to stop pain in my butt?

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    What's the best way to stop pain in my butt?

    Since the last two days, I've been experiencing pain in my bum cheeks. I've checked it but the wasn't a sore or anything like that. But I still can't stand the pain if I sit for more than 30 mins. I'm incomplete and its even painful to even sit in the toilet for bowel programs. What should I do? Give it a rest perhaps...lie on my stomach for a couple of hours a day maybe???Sleep on my stomach?

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    I don't know what level of injury you have, or how long ago you were injured. I can only speak from my experience. (I'm a T12, nine years post.) For me the only thing that helps my pain, which sounds similar to yours, is to stay busy. If I am busy, (and there is no skin breakdown,) I find that keeping my mind focused on a activity of some kind ie. reading, pursuing an artistic endevour, visiting with friends etc. helps a great deal. Again, I can only speak from experience and your situation may be totally different. I have not found any sort of permanent relief and the pain itself sometimes saps my motivation and energy, so I have to force myself to keep my mind otherwise engaged. Some days nothing seems to work. I hope you can find some relief.
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    Buttocks pain

    This is often an area of neuropathic pain for people with lower levels of injury who are incomplete (esp. cauda equina injuries).

    Have you discussed this with your physician? What is your level? How long have you been injured?

    New neuropathic pain should be evaluated to be sure that it is not caused by any pathology such as cord or root compression. Once this is ruled out, then interventions that may help this type of pain include TENS, acupuncture, distraction and exercise, and some medications, especially tricyclic antidepressants (imipramine, etc.), antiseizure drugs such as gabapentin or Tegretol, clonazapam, and sometimes narcotics.


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    Best way to stop the pain in your butt.....

    Divorce. C'mon, you had to see that one coming.

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    In my experience, there is nothing you can do about it...Just have to get used to it. If you figure out how, let me know. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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    I have lots of pain in my arse

    And I don't think it's neuropathic. I have a skinny little butt with precious little tissue between skin and bone. Sitting on my butt for 17 or 18 hrs/day is almost criminal but what else can I do? I sleep on my stomach out of necessity. And I've gotten used to it. It never goes away but with planning it does get better.

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    I'm t-2 incomplete. 2 yrs post injury. And i do sit a lot in front of the pc being a web programmer. Never had this type of pain b4 and now its seems hard to concentrate on the job bcoz of the pain.

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    Because it is a new development I'd go with what the nurse said and get it checked out by your doctor. Also check your chair and desk set up. Has your chair cushion moved or sprung a leak? Does the lumbar support need replaced? Even things like getting a new keyboard can make you sit differently and posture changes can cause pain very quickly.

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    After many years of suffering pain from hemmies (perhaps not) that no pain medication would stop, I was given Topomax, for neuropathic pain. It still hurts, but from a 9 down to a 2. Worked for me. : ]

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    When I had burning butt in the past, marijuana worked very well for me.

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