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Thread: new photos of our daughter

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    new photos of our daughter

    I originally posted "I'm going to be a dad" and here are some new pictures. I'm not real excited with the bulletin board changes here, but here is a new web site with more pictures of her.

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    How adorable!!! What a little
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    Crouching Tiger

    I love the martial arts pose in the 2nd pic. It made my big galoot 16 year old grin too, not everything does these days. And I love her pink shoes. She's precious, I'm so tickled that there are young families that need babies to love and babies that need young families to love. Sweet serendipity.

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    She is so so so so so so so so so so cute. Enjoy these times dad!
    - Moody

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    Thats great man,she's beautiful congrtaulations

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    Exclamation You baby girl!

    Congradulations on your new daughter. My 2 daughter's are adopted. I have two sons also that are not adopted. My Boys are 19 and 17 and my girls are 11 and 16 mos. Life will never be the same for you. She is an absolute angel!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats Dad! She is sooooo beautiful!! Everyone is right---she DOES look just like a little angel. Too sweet!
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    Adorable!!! I love the pictures.
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