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Thread: ear infection

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    ear infection

    i have always gottin earaches in my right ear, swimmers ear.
    i went water skiing over the weekend, of course got lots of water in my ear, and now i have a doosey. any natural remedies. i tried colloidal silver, but its not touching it rep
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    no natural remedy here, however after years of swimmers ear from swimming pools and lap swimming i have found that my best defense is treating my ear immediately after swimming in lake or pool, lakes nowadays in my area are really bad when the water temp gets warm and too much geese shit!
    i have a prescription for "fluocinolone acetonide solution that i drop into my ear after swimming, a small bottle last for over 2 years with me .
    i find it much better than treating with the other stuff than cortisporin type drops.
    i know swimmers that use a white vinegar solution, after swimming also . so the stuff doesnt grow.
    alcohol will dry out the ear canal and usually cause more problems,
    and of course dont use qtips, since that will make it worse,
    with me qtips + swimmers ear = guaranteed trip to ear doctor
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