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Thread: Kidney Stones; testing,,,

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    Unhappy Kidney Stones; testing,,,

    HI,,,, a lil over 4 yrs ago I had and passed some kidney stones. I had all the typical symptoms before hand/''the agony''; about 2 mos of low back ache that progressed and peaked to HELL for the 7-9 days.

    I chose to flood myself with water and ''saddle up'' for the pain ride while passing; bad to SEVERE low back pain,,,groin PAIN,,,bleeding, and intermitten AD ys before subsidding,,,also, blood in urine for a few days.

    The Dr. made me take a Sonogram[low abdomen/kidneys], a KUB, and an IVP--which revealed to some degree the stones.

    WELL,,, the ''same'' pattern has taken place. The almost constant low back ache began in Apri and I've been in HELL/passing, this past week. After 2-3 days of ''heavy'' bleeding[like a stuck hog.], my urine has now cleared up and returned to normal. But, I'm still having intermitten low back and groin PAIN. And I just feel so weak and my whole body aches.

    I called my Dr today, finally[[I'm sooo afraid of Dr's--yesss, Freej's a wuss with Dr's.]]

    I told him what happen[I got admonished, but he knows I'm a wuss], gave him the recent history and my current status. I asked him if we could start with an IVP. ----- He wants me to take a ''Spiral Scan'', he said it's more accurate in finding stones or gravel.

    1--what is a Spiral Scan,,,,,,,
    2--what is the latest way of testing/diagnosing for kidney stones,,,,,,,,,,

    Thank you,,,,Free
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    I answered both questions here.

    Helical Computed Tomography. A computed tomography (CT) scan called a spiral or helical CT scan is currently the best method for diagnosing stones in either the kidneys or ureters. It is fast, noninvasive, and provides detailed accurate images of even very small stones. If stones are not present, it can often identify other causes of pain in the kidney area. It is superior to x-rays, ultrasound, and intravenous pyelogram--the test that was the previous standard for detecting kidney stones. Experts hope spiral CT will eventually be able to reveal the stone's composition.

    More info:

    ETA: I pass stones about every 6 months, so I feel for ya. I drink tons of water and also take cranberry supplements and eat dried cranberries (Avoid juice, it's mostly corn syrup). I do this in order to keep them small so I can pass them on my own. I haven't been hospitalized for stones in about 5 years.

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    Just for the record, Jadis is right. Helical or Spiral Computed Tomography is the current best way to diagnoses kidney stones. Her strategies for prevention are good ones. It helps to know what kind of stones they are so if you can strain your urine, the doctor can evaluate what is causing the stones and focus treatment for prevention.

    Good Luck.


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    Thank you Jadis,,,,,,,,, have u ever had it done,,,,,,,,,, em me/profile if u wish to explain.

    I know a systoscopy isn't far off,,,,,,,,,,,,and for a guy the dynamics of the procedure makes me cccringe.

    Spinal Nurses any input,,,,,,,,,,,


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    I can't remember all what I have had done. I started having kidney problems in 93, and was in and out of the hospital for almost 4 months. My right kidney is permanently damaged from all of that. Male or female kidney stones are nothing to mess around with.

    I have learned that if I drink tons of water and keep my urine concentration minimal, I pass smaller stones. I still strain, but they are staying small. Some are smooth dark ones, and others look like they have shards of glass in them. My body produces them, but I cut back on calcium (used to drink a gallon of milk a day) and loads of orange juice, sweet tea, etc. Raised on a farm, couldn't help it. LOL

    Living in a small town, I can remember meeting my urologist in the grocery store. He would eye my sports bottle and say. "Alright, Tanya, what are you drinking??" I'd show him. Growing up in a southern state, sweet tea is a food group. I don't drink black tea anymore either. I traded it for white/red/green tea and my kidneys thank me for cutting back on all the acid.

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    Spinal Nurse,,,,,,, on Thursday I have to go for a Spiral/CT scan. The diagnostic center instructed me to; ''drink 2-3 eight oz. glasses of water within 1 hour of arriving.''
    Being a C-4/5, I obviously have no bladder control and just void involunteerily[external cath]. If I drink that much in an hour, I'm gonna pee alot.

    Will this effect the ''scan''?? Is there anything I should do??

    Thanks Free

    It's been a lil over a week since my 3 days of bleeding like a stuck pig. Urine has been fine, but my low/mid back, bladder is still so sore/achy,,,and Im just getting my energy levels back up.

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    No problem, just be sure that your external is on, and that you let them know that you will need some help with positioning the bag so it is dependent during the study. This study is very similar to a regular Xray and is very easy to do. Spiral scans are currently the test most favored to screen for stones. We only do IVPs if we detect stones or other abnormalities with a spiral scan first....this reduces the need to do IVPs, which increase the risk of allergic reaction every time you have this test.

    Ask your physician if you are a candidate for taking any medication to help prevent stones, if diet alteration would help (it depends on the type of stone you have) and if stagnation of urine with incomplete voiding is a factor. These are some things you may be able to alter that may decrease your risks for developing stones.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FREEJ
    It's been a lil over a week since my 3 days of bleeding like a stuck pig. Urine has been fine, but my low/mid back, bladder is still so sore/achy,,,and Im just getting my energy levels back up.
    Sounds like it stopped moving.

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    Hi KLD 'n Jadis,,,,,

    Jadis,,, what the heck,,,, are you one of those gypsy fortune tellers with a crystalball,,,,, You said, ''sounds like it's still moving.''

    Relative to the low back, abdominal/bladder, high groin pain I had been enduring, things seemed to be decreasing---urine clear as a bell. On last Wed/19th the day before the scan, I came out of the shower at 9;30am was just laying there letting my body get air before dressing. 10;15 I was dressed sitting up in bed when it started.

    Holy GEEEZZZ,,,,,,,, not since the night of my accident when they set my neck 'n screwed the halo into my skull while I was conscious did I experience near pain. 'N I'm no p---y, I can take a punch, hit and shake it off.
    ,,,,,,,,,,From 10;15 it felt like I had all splinters of glass behind my pubic bone and in my pecker, and intermittenly like there was a needle nose pliers twisting behind my pubic bone. I was seeing lightening bolts, yelling F, and my arms/shoulders were tensing in swinging with the PAIN. It PAINED like a B. My urine turned Oakland Raider gray---not dark amber, pink, rusty, brown or red,,,gray. It just stopped at 1;00pm'ish and I passed out from exhaustion and crashed to sleep. I woke up at 5;30. No pain, urine clear, but was so weak---still not full of energy.
    ------I was not being sensationalistic in my descrption just telling it like it was.

    Any thoughts,,,,,

    Next day I went for the spiral scan. Radiologists said, ''kidney's looked healthy/no stones,,,eureters good, lil irrited/no stones,,,,bladder, good/no stones,,,eurethra, good/no stones. So thank God. Now I'm scheduled for a cystoscopy next Thurs,hopefully all will be well.

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