Stupid repairman wouldn't listen, so the AC is out again. I had just gotten up and was in the kitchen fixing something to eat. I heard the AC cut off, then I h eard water running. I took the grate off and looked in there and water was just pouring out.

Stupic fuck should have listend to me, but I guess the wheelchair impairs my thinking. He said it was just the drain plugged up, but I told him that it was leaking from the top, not from around the drain. I told him that I unhooked the drain pipe and let it run into a jug and it still leaked from the top, but nooooo, he said he uncloged the drain and it was working, charged us $65 + some for topping it off with stuff and left.

My mom called him yesterday and he said he would be here this morning, by 1:00 he hadn't showed up. I told my mom to call him again when I left for PT. I was so hoping to have a cool house to come home after working out, but nope it was hot as hell.